Pakistanis Who Earned Success Overnight

Social Media Celebs!

One has seen the advertorial before. Males and females swanking around, disporting off their “rock-hard abs” which they simply achieved by engaging in physical activity regularly! Why would one spend hours losing excessive fat by running on a specific treadmill when one can look superb with some super-quick fix? Yes, this is what these infomercials suggest but success can be random too.

The same thing is accurate for an authentic rock-solid career. There comes a turning point in one’s life where they experience an abrupt success. Yes, this is truly an immediate moment where everything changes with a short span of time. The fame which you have been waiting for suddenly knocks on your doorstep. Here it is an overnight success; a real possibility.

Given beneath are some common people who fetched-up real popularity.

Ahmed Shah: The “Peechay Tou Dheko” Viral Kid

All of us know a sweetheart, Ahmed Shah who became a celebrity overnight. Yes, you heard it right a kid who is well-known for his Northern accent gained popularity when a school video in which he can be seen fighting for his basta (bag) went viral. His most common dialogue “peechay tou dheko” has won the hearts of millions of people. He even made several appearances in morning shows and different talk shows too. This kid surely became a celebrity overnight.

Arshad Khan: Pakistani “Chai Wala”

This handsome tea-seller with blue colored eyes attracted a wide range of audiences when his picture got posted by a photographer on her “Instagram” account. The picture got unlimited likes and girls just swooned over this chai wala’s looks. Not only he got unlimited likes but different modelling agencies also got in touch with him. This is what I call a true story of a handsome hunk who earned success within a short span of time.

Tahir Shah – Eye To Eye Singer

How can one forget Tahir Shah who gained immense popularity through social media? It does not really matter whether one loves his work or not. His famous song “Eye to Eye” was a great hit followed by another great song “Angel”. The thing which actually counts is that it was through social media due to which he earned fame.

Success through social media

Time surely changes everything. You never know what is going to happen within the next few minutes. The same holds true for success. Even a common man can become a star overnight. So, one can surely say that overnight popularity is a fascinating and alluring idea which can be achieved by a common man too.