6 Times Pakistani Politicians Made Us Laugh With Their Wittiest Piece Of Sarcasm!

Pakistani politicians funny moment
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You cannot separate politics and sarcasm. For most politicians, it comes with the territory, they use their opponent’s statements after twisting them in such a way, that you hurt the opponent without actually hurting them. Pakistani politicians funny videos are readily abundant on the internet where they can be seen targeting other politicians with unmatched pieces of sarcasm. Pakistanis are generally funny, whether it is Anushka Sharma meme, Saleem Safi meme, or Aslam Raisani’s degree, we trolled everyone!

Let’s start with the big guns.

1. When Imran Khan Trolled Zardari!

So you all must have heard a very common PPP unofficial slogan, aik Zardari sab par bhari. (Zardari is enough to take over all)

Imran Khan coined a new one:

Asif Zardari Mulk Ki Sab Se Bari Beemari!

Loosely translating it – Asif Zardari is the biggest disease of this country!

2. Koi Sharam Hoti Hai!

After 7 months and 3 days of protesting against the parliament being unconstitutional, PTI returned to the parliament. They expected to be greeted with a red carpet, praises and flowers but instead they got a taste of their own medicine. During their protests, PTI was known to spew hate and hurl abuses from the top of containers and claim their opponents had no morals and decency. On PTI’s return to the parliament, PMLN could not resist the urge to serve them tit for tat. Khawaja Asif of PMLN said that

‘In logon ko bhi tou thori grace honi chahiye, thori si ethics honi chiye, thori si sharam honi chahiye, thori si haya honi chahiye’!

Translating this famous barb of Khwaja Asif “these people (PTI) should demonstrate some grace, some ethics, some remorse and some decency”.

Pakistani politicians funny moment
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PS: This is exactly where we get the popular meme ‘ Koi sharam hoti hai koi haya hoti hai’ from!!

3. Imran Khan Trolling The “Kyun Nikala” Stance Of Nawaz Sharif

During an interview, a Channel 24 reporter asked Imran Khan

“Khan Sahab, when you were taken off the team during the first match in your cricket years, did you ask the team ‘ Mujhe Kyu Nikala?’

Imran Khan laughed and replied with

‘Nahi, Mujhe Pata Tha Kyu Nikala!’

So Imran Khan answered “I knew why they took me off the team”. Ouch! Nawaz Sharif Sahab I am sure that must have hurt.

Pakistani politicians funny moment
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Here is the classic Pakistani politicians funny video, check it out!

4. When Imran Khan Trolled Himself!

During a huge PTI jalsa, Khan Sahab was super riled up. He was announcing with great zeal and zest, why was it important to vote, the changes a good caring government could bring and they importance of a rightly elected government. And then in the heat of the moment he says

“Jayen Ja Key Sher Par Mohar Lagen”

And then PMLN had the time of their life and quoted Imran Khan campaigning for them everywhere!

5. Degree Degree Hoti Hai!

Once someone questioned Nawab Aslam Raisani about his degrees and qualification (without which how could he make CM Baluchistan)

Nawab Aslam Raisani stated

Degree Degree Hoti Hai Chahey Asli Ho Ye Naqli

(A degree is degree no matter authentic or not! – Yes, he actually said that, here is the proof of another Pakistani politicians funny slip!

6. Sheikh Rasheed Being His Thug Self!

During an interview to a news channel, Sheikh sahab was hilariously brutal. If aik teer se do shikaar was an actual thing, then is was it. With one statement, he wounded PMLN and PPP! The anchor asked Sheikh Rasheed if he felt remorse over playing a part in getting one of the most loved Prime Minister removed. Mariam Nawaz said that when Nawaz Sharif was going, people kissed his car to show love and respect. Here is Sheikh Sahab ka jawab:

“Abhi bhi aise kai bewakoof hain jo kehte hain sukkur mein Bhutto nazar aata hai raat ko, magrib k baad”

Pakistani politicians funny moment
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So much for kal bhi Bhutto Zinda tha aj bhi Bhutto Zinda hai !

This is it for now folks. We will keep the sarcastic moment rolling in and share Pakistani politicians funny moment with you guys.