Pakistani Celebrities Are Showing Their Support For Kashmir!

Pakistani Celebrities Are Showing Their Support For Kashmir
Courtesy: Geo News

Recent news from Indian Occupied Kashmir has been rather disturbing since Monday morning when the Indian government announced the repealing of Article 370, revoking the special status enjoyed by Kashmir and making it a Union Territory. Moreover, Indian troops have entered the area in large amounts and placed large regions of Kashmir under lockdown.

Since then, #KashmirUnderThreat and #kashmirbleeds have been trending on Twitter since a large number of people worldwide come online to discuss the ongoing issue and express their sentiments. Like all of us, Pakistani celebrities too, have taken this matter to heart and many of them have been actively expressing their solidarity and concern for the residents of Kashmir.

Actress Mahira Khan voiced her alarm in a low-spirited tweet that said:

“Have we conveniently blocked what we don’t want to address? This is beyond lines drawn on sand, it’s about innocent lives being lost! Heaven is burning and we silently weep.” #Istandwithkashmir #kashmirbleeds

Another Pakistani celebrity who has never shied from sharing his views on controversial issues is Hamza Ali Abbasi. He took to Twitter to express his support in a series of tweets and simultaneously asked members of his fraternity to come out publicly in support of Kashmiris.

Furthering this movement, Mehwish Hayat also came on Twitter to protest against Indian army’s barbaric acts. She condemned the troops’ use of cluster bombs in the Kashmir region and called it a war crime.

Actor Shan Shahid directly addressed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and wrote on Twitter:

“Bathing in Ganges will not wash away , the blood of the martyrs of Kashmir.”

Hareem Farooq also raised her voice against the silence on Kashmir issue and highlighted how crucial it is to stand with Kashmir in the present situation.

Along similar lines, several other notable celebrities have shared their support on Twitter including Faysal Quarishi, Mansha Pasha, Feroze Khan and Kubra Khan.

Meanwhile, some Indian celebrities like Anupam Kher and Kangana Ranaut have been contributing towards hate speech and favouring violence, but there are still voices across the border that are advocating for peace and justice in the region.

We’re proud of the Pakistani industry for standing up against injustice in Kashmir, and we strongly agree that those who haven’t raised their voice yet need to do so. It’s every individual’s moral responsibility to join hands in this mission and play their part in the war against violence.

Our prayers are with the people of Kashmir and we hope that peace and harmony prevails above all.