Pakistan Railways Generated Rs.1 Billion In First 50 Days Of New Government

Pakistan Railways
Courtesy: The News International

Wow! So, Pakistan is being led by the new government and the statistics indicate that just within the first 50 days of the new government, Pakistan railways has generated Rs. 1 billion. Is that even possible? We don’t know how else to explain it but this is what we got for you at the moment because it is currently discussed on numerous platforms. Let’s take you to more details and make the news more believable because it sure is happening as per the statistics put forward by the ministry.

Pakistan Railways
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Pakistani Railways Is Functioning Well!

About a week ago, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, who is the Federal Minister for Railways, released a statement that he is working hard to increase the railways revenues. It has led Pakistan railways to increase its revenues generation capacity. When compared to the previous standing of the railways, the outcomes sure are quite appealing.

Minister Pakistan Railways
Courtesy: The Express Tribune

For instance, last year, the railway department could only generate 5.7 billion rupees while on the other hand, it is much higher i.e., 6.7 billion rupees. And the good news is, it was generated only in the short span of less than two months. Quite interesting right? I mean how is that even possible? What happened last year or else, what pumped up the situation in this year?

It is also prospected that the revenues will be much higher in the coming months due additional plans of making the railways housing societies.

Pakistan Railways
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Planning To Use Barren Land For Generating Revenues For Pakistan Railways!

There is a very gigantic land in different regions of Pakistan that has been identified and it is estimated to be around 10,913 acres. The Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways has further suggested that this land will further be utilized for the development of Railway Housing societies across all the provinces and the land has been reserved for further developments. That land going in waste and it could be used for further developments.

For a case in point, 6496 acres land has been leased out for generating the revenues. Further details about the land reservations in different provinces of Pakistan could be examined in the following points:

  • 4364 acres in the Punjab province
  • 1800 acres in KPK
  • 5744 acres in Balochistan
  • 900 acres in Sindh

The total land that has been reserved is 12,808 acres which is a very vast land. If properly developed, it could yield a lot of outcomes for the country. So, the future seems bright!

The Future

Considering the development in the railway industry of Pakistan, it could be prospected that the development process is going to be good if the progress keeps going like this. The only problematic factor that comes out to the front most of the time is that of the bureaucracy and corruption. It is an undeniable and ironically, quite an uncontrollable situation that keeps Pakistan out of the progress lane. However, let us hope for the best and keep making such strategies that would bring in fruitful outcomes for the country.