Pakistan Dedicates This Year’s Eid To Occupied Kashmir

Pakistan Dedicates This Year’s Eid To Occupied Kashmir

Individuals accumulated in mosques crosswise over Pakistan on Monday, 12th August, to offer extraordinary supplications for Eidul Azha. The government has called for this year’s simple way to observe the festival, expressing solidarity with Kashmiris living in Indian occupied Kashmir.

On Aug 5, India dropped a constitutional provision that allowed Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir to make their laws and broke the state into two territories administered by the federal government. Before moving a surged presidential request in its Senate, New Delhi put Kashmiri pioneers under house capture and forced a severe time limitation.

Pakistan Dedicates This Year’s Eid To Occupied Kashmir

Last week, India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party stripped Kashmiris of the exceptional self-rule they had for seven decades through a hurried presidential request. An uncertain time limitation — that has entered its eighth day — and elected politicians were placed under house arrest.

The progressions are the most clearing in the about 30 years that India has been engaging an uprising in involved Kashmir.

Islamabad had expelled the ambassador of India and suspended anger trade at the recent move by New Delhi.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi traveled to Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s capital on Monday to offer Eid petitions at a mosque there.

“(I) have come here to express Pakistan’s solidarity with you,” Qureshi told worshippers.

Prayers were devoted to Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir in the southern town of Karachi.

“We are together with our Kashmiri brothers,” said resident Mohammad Adnan.

“We share their pain and grief. Today, special prayers were offered for them inside the mosque.”

Eidul Azha or the sacrifice festival is commended every year on the tenth day of the twelfth and a month ago of the lunar Islamic schedule. Upwards of 10 million animals worth up to $3 billion are sacrificed during the celebration, the Pakistan Tanners’ Association says.

With all the Kashmiris out there, we have our profound condolences and pray for their safety.