Pakistan Citizen Portal Ranked 2nd Best At The World Government Summit

The Naya Pakistan Government launched Pakistan Citizen Portal to address different issues by allowing the citizen to register their complaints online.

The Naya Pakistan Government launched an official website to address different issues by allowing the citizen to register their complaints online. The idea of this Pakistan Citizen Portal App was taken from the province level app used previously in KPK. This complaint registration and citizens’ feedback portal has recently secured the second best position as the best government application all around the globe.

This good news was shared on Twitter by the Prime Minister official account announcing that the Pakistan government application has successfully bagged the second position and has definitely captured due attention at the World Government Summit held in Dubai. According to the announcement, there were more than 4000 mobile applications in various categories were submitted by 87 countries globally and Pakistan Citizen’s Portal has been listed as the second-best Government mobile application. Indonesia stood first with its Qlue Smart City application and NYC 311 from the USA secured the third position. This is for the very first time in the present history of Pakistan that a Government-owned mobile application has reached to this position. According to the announcement, the portal has resolved over 250,000 complaints out of the total 420,000 complaints.

Qlue Smart City – Indonesia

It is a social media application for citizens to post their queries. Additionally, the queries get tagged based on geolocation and get categorized to be sent to the respective government departments.

NYC 311 – USA

This application is designed to facilitate the citizens to access multiple government services and other resources with convenience.

Interesting Facts about the Pakistan Citizen Portal

  • This application has been developed without any cost by a team of developers from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • The application is used as a medium where citizens can register their queries and complaints
  • The queries are categorized based on the concerned Government department is handed to them for early resolution
  • Special attention is given to complaint resolution time
  • The resolution of the query contains the remarks and the citizens can give their feedback about the resolution whether they are satisfied or not.
  • The portal has managed to resolve around 15,000 public complaints within the first month of its official launch.
  • This application has got a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Google Play store with more than 500 thousand downloads and is ranked among the top in the app store ranking.

This is for the very first time in the history of Pakistan that such an acclamation has been given to a government application. In the previous years, the government data and websites weren’t updated with latest stats. However, in this digital era, it is all about smart communication via applications and web portals.