OPPO F9 Boasts 5 Minutes Charge for 2 Hours Talk!

Oppo F9 Pro 2018
Courtesy: Oppo Pakistan - Twitter

In this modern era, nearly every individual is addicted to his smartphone. Gone are the days when we used landline telephones to talk to each other. With the immense demand for new and improved mobile phone models, Oppo has recently launched the Oppo F9 Pro 2018. The Oppo F9 offers a wide range of features, one of which is its ability to get charged for 5 minutes and yet offer talk time as long as 2 hours. This feature is enough to make the F9 Pro a favorite among consumers and the model is slaying with its beauty and advanced features.

Oppo F9 achieves the above-mentioned feat through VOOC technology. This technology has been developed by Oppo and was created to ‘flash charge’ devices like the Oppo F9 Pro 2018. You might wonder how this works. Well, the VOOC uses a higher current to charge the F9 Pro ensuring the phone can be used for prolonged periods without having to charge it continuously, a feature which many of us are desperate to have in our mobile phones.

While advertising the launch of the F9 Pro, Oppo attempted to attract customers by telling them about the VOOC technology, along with telling them how this technology is completely safe for their phones.

The company, along with equipping the Oppo F9 with this state of the art technology have also taken steps to ensure that the process of flash charging doesn’t harm the phone. The VOOC technology that charges the F9 Pro uses a special adapter and cables, along with added layers of protection within the phone which aim to prevent the phone from over-heating. If you do invest in the Oppo F9 Pro 2018, you will witness how the phone is charged significantly without its’ temperature increasing excessively.

The Oppo F9 uses a battery with a capacity of 3500mAh. This is yet another way by which it can be used for 2 hours with only 5 minutes of charging. The battery in the F9 Pro is designed to conserve power when not being used. Additionally, the Oppo F9 Pro 2018 battery will also attune itself to your habits, closing apps which aren’t in use depending on the usage pattern you have established.

This feature seems to be the company’s favorite as it keeps on coming up in their tweets.

With this new feature, along with the other changes the company has made to their smartphones, let’s hope the Oppo F9 can make its place in the market.