EasyPaisa Achieved Another Milestone With 1 Million Active Users!

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Not so long ago, we kept hearing about the new way of sending and receiving the cash and at first, it sure did appear like a complex method. However, this is not actually the case rather the EasyPaisa has more than 1 million active users now! Certainly, it is a big deal because no one had ever thought about it. AND, it is getting bigger and bigger with time. To add a cherry on the top, the little bird has also told us that there are more than 2.3 million downloads of the EasyPaisa application on the Google Playstore alone!

EasyPaisa Users
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Why EasyPaisa?

One of the best things about EasyPaisa is the fact that it is fast and it doesn’t require any additional paperwork. All one needs to know is the sender and receiver CNIC number beside the password that could be communicated by the person who is about to send the cash.

EasyPaisa Users
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Then, the receiver goes to an EasyPaisa shop to get money and sometimes they do ask for a CNIC copy just to be on the safe side. So, keep that in your wallet. The receiver tells the password and shows the SMS he/she must have received and collect the money.

See! It sure is very fast and very convenient at the same time. This could be one of the reasons behind its growing number of EasyPaisa users.

EasyPaisa Offers

EasyPaisa users are free to add credit to their mobile networks besides sending credit to the other EasyPaisa accounts. How cool is that? Moreover, there is also an option of the QR code scanning too in order to promote the cashless payments. Are we still on the planet earth? Because it sounds like a method from outer space and it is so advanced!

EasyPaisa Users
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Looking For A Service To Pay Your Utility Bills?

If you are looking for any service provider that could make it easier for you to pay the bills even if you are out of town, then EasyPaisa is the right choice to consider. You can not only pay your own bills but you can also pay for your other family members too. It has made it a lot easier to come out of the conventional bill payment systems and make it all digital. So, you don’t need to worry about that as well.


Now, this is the fun part! Were you thinking about buying the movie tickets and get a discount on your bus tickets? Look nowhere else and go to the nearest store to open an EasyPaisa account because this is all you need to make your wishes come true. And if you are a Telenor user, then this is a mystery box for you which is full of surprises! There are several perks and Telenor bundle offers that you can enjoy along the way. So, what are you waiting for?