Nida Yasir Just Bashed Conversation With Kanwal And It Backfired Massively!

Nida Yasir VS Conversation With Kanwal, Really?

If there is something that pisses me off as a viewer, it is Pakistani Morning Shows.. Yes, I have finally said that.. Don’t get started with ‘but you never saw them’ because my mother used to be a fan of them so I had my share of morning shows. Why I am discussing this? You will know in a minute..  Our morning shows thrive on controversies just like our not-so-beloved Aamir Liaqat. For them, negative publicity is the actual publicity. Recently I came across a video where Nida Yasir (Morning Show host) is bashing Kanwal (Founder of Soul Sisters group). The video was over-dramatic, a stunt for cheap publicity, and seem like a rant of an illiterate person who knows nothing except creating chaos.

I am not against morning shows, it can be a great pass-time for people who want to spend their morning with some kind of entertainment. I am against the concepts these morning shows are promoting. When the rating dropped, they came up with the idea of stirring controversies. From using dark foundations on the fair participant to ask overly personal questions to insult guests, our morning shows have done it all!

With versatile topics in the form of social issues faced by the Pakistani population, these morning shows are telling you how to be a Star Plus aunty! Rather than highlighting the positives, our morning shows are sticking to the old game, the dirty game of promoting the negatives!

So the video I was talking about, let me share the link for you and disclose all that happened!

Apparently, some video of Nida Yasir went viral on the internet where she was flaunting her holiday shopping. Our population didn’t let it go and started bashing Nida online for flaunting her shopping. If that was not enough, some lady wanted to be a snitch and messaged Yasir Nawaz (Nida’s husband)! Why on earth would anybody do that.. It is so old school.. at this point Nida had all my sympathies like some XYZ aunty tried to complain to her husband.. That’s just not okay! So being a national TV host, Nida tried to sort the issue on her show.. by telling everyone to stop messaging her husband. What can be resolved by a simple shut up call to that specific aunty, turned out to be the biggest opportunity for ratings! She then dragged Kanwal and name-shamed her on national television..

If you don’t know who Kanwal is, let me give you a brief introduction. Kanwal is the founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan – a group where millions of women highlight their problem and the group member give their advice. Now before you think that the group is some kind of cult or something, let me tell you a simple fact. I am a member of that group from past 2 years. The idea behind Soul Sister Pakistan is empowering women and providing them with a safe space where they can share their problem and get the advices from those who have gone through the same issue. The group made a huge mark last year when it was noticed by Facebook and the efforts of Kanwal were highlighted on national and international platforms. The group members discuss how they can groom their home, how they can deal with toxic relationships, how they can make a specific dish, which is the best parlor for hair cutting, and how to be a better person in general!

Recently Kanwal started her show where she challenged the societal norms. Conversation with Kanwal is based on the idea of dealing with day-to-day problems. Whether it is gora-complexion, cyber harassment, or dealing with the loss of a life partner. These are the problems we should focus on, these are the problems that need immediate solution. CWK has done something for the society, it made us realize that we have common issues and we can deal with them. It gave us courage to stand for ourselves. It emphasized the idea that this is what we want to see! CWK is the breath of fresh air for all of us dealing with various issues on the daily basis and Nida tried to ruin it by stating that Kanwal is asking personal question and discussing topics that should not be discussed on social media.

As a viewer I would like to ask few questions from Nida Yasir…

  1. Is discussing cyber harassment a banned topic? If yes, why are you threatening to take action against those who are doing the same thing to you?
  2. Is skin complexion matters that much to you? If not why are you obsessed with this topic?
  3. Is insulting someone okay? If not, why did you insult Shabbir Jan who is elder than you in experience, age and definitely composure and grace!

Let’s compare Kanwal’s achievements to those of Nida Yasir. The biggest achievement of Nida Yasir so far is irritating Ahmed (that adorable little boy) and ask him to insult his elder! Another achievement of Nida is to call Shabbir Jan (a veteran actor) on her show and insult him in front of millions. Another achievement is nosing into the life of others and not for a constructive reason.

When the population is realizing what bullshit you are trying to sell from the past few years, it is better to improve your content rather than going after those who are doing something constructive for society. Work on your program and don’t play this petty card of ‘ghar barbaad karna’

At the end of this article, here is the proof that ‘Audience is not idiot’. Here is the response Nida has been receiving on Twitter and it doesn’t look pretty at all!