New Year, New You! Greet 2019 with A Gorgeous Hair Transformation!

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Hair Drome

Ladies, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and as we jot down our resolution, I am sure everyone is seeking to make countless meaningful changes in their lives. So, I decided to help out with a glorious round-up of hair color trends in case you want to start 2019 with a stunning hair transformation.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Honey Bronde

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Aveda, Southern Living, BlogLovin’.

Glossy blondish-brown strands with a sun-kissed honey-dipped highlight are all you need to rock a beachy statement this chilly season. This hair trend is all the rage because of its buttery vibrancy and bright energy, and it is the ultimate pick if you want to give your face a gorgeous sun-kissed pop of color. If your hair has blondish-brown tones or even a deep brown, this hair transformation will make you feel like a serene beach goddess with its summery charm. The best thing about rocking bronde highlights is the fact that they look spectacular with every any base color, be it black, brown or red.

Pitch Black

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Marie Claire, Southern Living.

Aren’t we all swooning over the bold and sassy inky black hair color flaunted by Veronica in Riverdale? Well, guess what, pitch black hues are trending super-hot on the hair radar, and this statement is about exuding a glamorous shine. This season, if you chose to go black, keep one thing in mind: the glossier the black is, the sexier you’ll look.

However, it can often be difficult to maintain and preserve a glossy black, so be sure to book a credible professional hair colorist, I recommend Ali Teiseen Salon. Also, be sure to stock up some color-preserving products, and a hydrating no-sulfate shampoo.

Chestnut Brown-Gold

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Glamour, The Right Hairstyles.

The classic beauty of chestnut brown locks has undergone a gleaming revamping with subtle gold highlights and face-framing streaks. This voguish statement happens to be one of the most striking hair colors of 2019, and if you’re looking to give your brown locks a sleek and edgy dimension and opting for the serious hair transformation vibe, it simply doesn’t get better than this one. It’s not too bold of a transformation to make you feel cold feet, and yet, it will make all the difference in giving you a gorgeous new look. What I love most about this statement is its easy, low-key maintenance, particularly if you’re a brunette.

Ashy Grey

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Pinterest, The Right Hairstyles.

Girls, if you want to go dark this winter without having to make a bold and risky commitment with a darker shade of black, here’s a splendidly trendy choice. Ash gray has been trending hot since 2016, and I’m not the least bit surprised that it has maintained the fervor of dark highlights and moody gray roots. This is a great choice for brunettes and blondes, and the color always turns out to be fabulous even when you’ve grown out your color.

Cool Toned Pastels

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Fashionisers, Glaminati, Parade.

Those seeking a mind-blowingly bold hair transformation should look further than cool-toned pastel hues. Lavender, pastel blues, faded pinks, orange, cotton candy, and dusty pinks are all the rage in 2019, as seen on the runways of spring. We adored the extravaganza of soft and edgy pastels paraded by the Marc Jacobs show.

If you’re seeking to make a dark statement without going too bold, subtle purple, faded lavender and pastel blue are such splendid picks. Rose gold is a brighter option, and you can always experiment with highlights, a great choice for natural brunettes. Dusty pink is also an effortless recipe for punkish grace.

However, if you’re considering this look, keep in mind that maintaining a rad and multi-tonal pastel color can be extremely challenging, especially for brunettes. But this minor drawback cannot make us deny the beauty of this winter-ready statement that will make sure you never get bored of your hair!

Copper Highlights On Chocolate Brown

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Cultura Collectiva, Simply Organic Beauty

Play up your deep brown locks with the magnetic charm of copper highlights, a great choice for those who wish to go red but can’t commit to a long-term hair transformation. Copper highlights or even lowlights are a splendid pick to give your hair a strong character and powerful energy. Also, it such a fabulously winter-friendly statement with its warm and rich tones!

Caramel Balayage

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Behind the Chair, The Miller Affect, The Right Hairstyles.

Here’s an effortlessly gorgeous hair transformation for the ladies who’re not too fond of taking color risks with their hair. Caramel balayage is a sweetly serene and subtle toffee hue that gives off a natural-looking beauty. Caramel tones have emerged as a huge trend on the hair radar for 2019, and this statement is being flaunted by women with all kinds of natural hair colors.

For instance, if you have black hair, caramel toffee-toned balayage is perfect to give your hair a glossy sheen and make you stand out. Women with dark brown hair will rejoice the color and vibrancy it will add to their face, giving their strands a voguish new dimension. And if you’re a natural blonde, you can flaunt caramel brown lowlights with darkly shadowed roots. Toffee toned layers have emerged as a simply-cannot-go-wrong-with statement for dark-haired beauties.

The Roaring Reds

hair transformation
Image Courtesy: Byrdie, Wiki Ladies, Good Housekeeping.

Flannel red, rich mahogany, burgundy, copper red, scarlet red, deep wine red, magenta red and auburn are some classic shades that have a timeless beauty and if you’re bold enough to embrace this transformation, it is likely to be a hair statement that you will cherish infinitely.

However, undergoing a red hair statement is a tricky job because it tends to wear off much quicker than most other hues. So, you be sure to find a good professional stylist, and work towards creating a seamless red base rather than smearing your hair with red highlights that will quickly fade into an annoying poppin’ pink. If you’re a brunette, I’d suggest you to embrace the glamour of being a redhead at least once in your life!