Naya Pakistan Calling Web Portal For Overseas Pakistanis Launched!

Naya Pakistan Calling Web Portal launched by Zulfiqar Bukhari for overseas Pakistanis
Courtesy: The News

Zulfiqar Bukhari special assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and resource development inaugurate Naya Pakistan Calling Web Portal for overseas Pakistanis under Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF). He stated that this initiative is one of a major project of the first 100 days of reforms plan of PTI’s government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced first ever “web calling portal” providing an opportunity to the overseas nationals to give feedback using Naya Pakistan calling web portal. This is an application which is available on Playstore also for the Android users and as far as iPhone users are concerned, they will get access to this application very soon. This application is linked with all district government of Pakistan. Naya Pakistan calling web portal is just launched in 26 days. This platform provides an opportunity to overseas Pakistanis to share their experiences and skills to serve their country towards for the development.

Zulfiqar Bukhari further said:

It’s a way to bring back our valuable talent so that they use their skills and energy for the betterment of their own country.

After the citizen portal catering to the needs of local residents, this new portal will provide the same opportunity to overseas Pakistanis. Government is also focusing on overseas Pakistanis as they are a valuable asset to our country with their specialties and their drive to contribute to the economy of Pakistan.

One of the major objectives of this calling portal is to make youth capable/skilled to drive the nation. It also provides a way to fill the gap between expats and government thus a bridge of communication between the government and other people throughout the world. Experienced, skilled and potential candidates can submit their CV’s at the web portal of Naya Pakistan so that selected candidates can help and take part in the strategic decision in the federal as well as in provincial level.

Naya Pakistan Calling Web Portal launched by Zulfiqar Bukhari for overseas Pakistanis
Courtesy: RS-Tech

This idea basically comes from China. As China, when started themselves towards development and prosperity 40 years ago, they called their overseas people so that they come back to their country and help it.

Basic Category In Web Portal

Naya Pakistan web portal is divided into three basic categories which are;

  • Inland
  • Foreigners
  • Overseas Pakistanis

Identification Of Registered Users

Users/registered candidates can be identified on the bases of the following things;

  • Phone number.
  • Passport number.
  • CNIC number.

Whereas Inland portal includes a variety of features like;

  • Human rights
  • Land and Revenue
  • Education
  • Law and order
  • Communication
  • Energy and Power
  • Health
  • Municipal services

As these are all basic needs of a society, the initiative of launching Naya Pakistan Calling Web Portal reflects the interests of the government to visualize and make efforts towards a prosperous Pakistan.  The new Government of Pakistan have a great vision that this web portal will help them to serve the nation in a better way.