PM Imran Khan Wants To Grant Citizenship To Refugees Born In Pakistan..

Nationality to Afghan refugee born in Pakistan

Since the Imran Khan led PTI has come into power, all one hears and sees is ‘tabdeeli’. Keeping in line with the spirit of tabdeeli, Imran Khan has announced that any refugee be it Afghan or Bangladeshi, will be granted the citizenship of Pakistan. The newly elected Prime Minister’s actual aim behind this step was to be able to control street crime in Pakistan by providing nationality to Afghan refugees born in Pakistan as well as Bengali.

Nationality To Afghan Refugees Born in Pakistan
Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

What Led To This Remarkable Decision?

On his recent visit to Karachi, Prime Minister Imran Khan was surprised at the appalling condition of law and order in the city of lights. The high crime rate and atrocious cases in one of the most important city in Pakistan, left him shocked. He chaired a meeting with the law enforcing agencies of Sindh, to shed light on this matter.

The meeting was attended by the Sindh Police and representatives from various intelligence agencies and the new premiere asked them for suggestion to put a stop to street crime, as well as de-weaponize the streets to make them safe.

Nationality to Afghan refugee born in Pakistan
Courtesy: Prime Minister’s Office – Facebook

An important issue raised was that since migrants don’t have any form of ID, no CNIC cards nor passports, they are not hired for any job. This leads to them being deprived of social security, as they roam unregistered and unemployed through the city of lights. Since unemployment is one of the major known causes for high crime rate, this issue needed to be addressed as quickly as possible. Consequently Imran Khan reached a solution where Pakistan will grant citizenship to all Bengali and Afghan refugees born in Pakistan.

The Reaction To Allow Nationality To Afghan Refugees Is Mixed!

The reaction to this proposed decision is mixed. A majority of the public is appreciating this decision whereas it also critized by many! The decision to grant nationality to Afghan refugees born in Pakistan was not received well by the politicians of Sindh. Most of the Sindhi Nationalist groups voiced their reservation over Imran Khan’s plan to issue CNIC’s to Pakistan-born immigrants.

The proposed decision was lauded by many!

Some were clearly disappointed!

A philanthropist at heart, Imran Khan attempted to resolve the issues faced by Karachi, but faced backlash from the local nationalist bodies even though this idea was well received by human rights activists. It is yet to be seen how PTI works out the kinks and if such a policy really is sent into motion.