Muharram Ul Haram – The First Month Of Islamic Calendar

Muharram Ul Haram – The First Month Of Islamic Calendar
Courtesy: The Islamic Information

The first month according to the Islamic calendar- Muharram, meaning forbidden, illegal, prohibited, unauthorized, banned, barred, unpermitted and even taboo. Muharram Ul Haram is the month in which warfare is also forbidden, as it is considered to the second holiest month after Ramadan because of Hazrat Hussain (R.A).

Muharram Ul Haram is a month of worshipping, making prayers and keeping fast in remembrance of our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH). Keeping a fast during the day of Ashura stems from a Hadith, though it is totally optional and not compulsory. You can keep a fast for the consecutive three days i.e. 9th, 10th, 11th of Muharram, two days i.e. 9th and 10th and only the 10th of the Muharram.

As Prophet (PBUH) stated that, fasting on the day of Ashura is of great merits.

The actual stem of keeping a fast is from the Jews and Christians who kept a fast for one day. Upon inquiring they told about the incident of Hazrat Musa, who saved children of Israel from their enemy (in Egypt), so Hazrat Musa kept a fast to thank Allah.

On this occasion the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) kept 3 fasts and asked His Umah to keep it if they want to.

10th Muharram Ul Haram is also known as day of Ashura, about which many people have come up with some Bid’ah which have been condemned by the religion itself.

Following are some of them:

  1. The sky cries
  2. The sky turns red
  3. Karbala’s sand turns red
  4. As injustice had happened, so the weather turns hot on 10 Muharram
  5. Weddings or any happy moment cannot take place in Muharram as it is considered auspicious
  6. It is a month of mourning and only mourning
  7. Hazrat Hussain (R.A) cooked Haleem in the battle field
  8. Mourning and stabbing their bodies

No offense but all these so called things have been brought up by our own people. Islam, Quran or any Hadith has no reference and explanation to all of this.

People need to respect the grace and dignity of not only this month, but the creator of this month, in fact this whole world.

Creating Bid’ah and misleading people from their religion is highly condemned and considered as Kabirah Gunnah which has no forgiveness.