Mrs Khan Showing A Woman Is Woman’s Enemy!

Mrs Khan
Courtesy: Diva Magazine

The beautiful and scared foundation, which bond two entirely different souls with each other and have prestige in the eyes of Islam is marriage. But a sad fact that in Pakistan, the overhauled patriarchal cultured has turned the real essence of marriage which is based on equality of both the partners with mutual respect and trust, to artificial standard of living. It is something which only has the rights for men, but nothing for women except slavery of wife and husband dominated on her. And then comes women like Mrs Khan – who are proud of themselves for insulting women on a daily basis. Whether it’s their appearance, body, kitchen skills, household skill – You name it and they have a ‘Taana’ for everything!

This is the thing which aroused the concept of abusive marriages where the self-respect of women is nothing for the men who should treat her as partner in reality. But instead of taking care of his wife and partner, men are constantly enslaving their wives who are taking care of him and his whole family.

Isn’t it unfair? Absolutely it is!

This is quite unfortunate that there are still some women who are constantly in favor of this male dominated society and accusing females for raising their wives. Yes a Rishta Aunty Mrs. Khan openly blames women for raising their voice against men enslaving their wives.

It begins with a morning show which was having a discussion on the topic divorce and its effects of kids. The host of the show featured a psychiatrist, Dr. Naushaba Manan who has having excellent points on ‘how divorce not actually but the toxic and abusive environment damages the psyche of child’.

Sadly, along with doctor and that crucial topic, there was also Mrs. Khan included, who has got famed as famous rishta aunty on whole internet, particularly social media.

Mrs. Khan actually take the conversation away from an interesting topic of impacts of divorce and begin to talk about why divorce happen, which is not something necessary.

This curious case of internalized sexism simply exposes her sick mentality on LIVE television where everyone was watching that she is blaming her own gender for the core purpose of divorce.

What actually she said was that, women do not check their tongue while speaking. Women should control their tongues, argues a lot to their husbands and they do not bow down their head, so that it brings divorces most often.

She further said, women do not place their husband’s shoes in proper manner, and clothes are also not being kept proper. The roti should be always on tawa when he arrives home and served in just seconds.

Oh, the women is saying on television to control the tongues to other women, after so many decades our women felt to raise their voices and now there is a lady who is taping their lips again.

Now we are a part of society where men and women both earn for living a happy life. Several people among us have been raised by the parents who work and earn. Again, aren’t we still raising men to become capable to take care of themselves?

What is the problem with women of the time now who says ‘we will not make roti?’ why are they getting married then. Oh, Mrs Khan, Women don’t get married to do free of cost slavery for their men. Marriage is something about care and respect; don’t limit it with just romance and labour.

Mrs Khan was clearly asking women to just limit their lives for enslaving their self for their husband and don’t do anything for themselves…

It is not justice, Islam teaches men and women to live equally and respect each other equally. I wonder when it comes to social issues, where does the religious teachings go?