Keep Your Child Motivated With These 6 Techniques!

Motivate your children
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For a child to bloom and blossom, having high self-esteem is very important. If a child doubts himself or herself, then this will have severe adverse effects of how they perform academically and in social setting. A general problems that children at a young age face, is that they become very shy, keep to themselves and turn into introverts. They don’t mingle with other children at playschool, shy down when people give them attention and prefer spending time playing alone.  If children aren’t taught to combat this at the early stage, this will become a part of their personality and they will have a lot of difficulty socializing as they grow up.

You can’t make your child care just because you do—in fact, you might actually get in the way of their motivation. What’s worse, the push-pull of trying to motivate your child usually turns into a power struggle. There’s something wrong with the picture if you care more about your child’s grades than he does.

If you’ve been getting in your child’s “box” and trying to make him care because you do, it’s important to stop and ask yourself this question, “What’s my child’s responsibility here? What’s mine?” If your child isn’t getting his work done, your job as a parent is to hold him accountable and teach him how the real world works. In the real world, if you don’t finish your work, you won’t get paid.

Here are 6 very efficient techniques that you can employ to keep your little ones motivated.

Setup playdates with new people

Set up weekly playdates with new families, where at time you bring them over to your house, or at times you go over to theirs. This will motivate your child to learn how to adapt in different situations and with different people. When a new family comes over, your child will learn how to share and how to make others comfortable. Your child might display reluctance during the first few playdates, but if this is a recurring thing, they will learn how to adapt and will be unconsciously motivated to from strong interpersonal connections.

Positive Sanctions

Every time your child does something nice, reward them. It could be a praise, a chocolate, extra TV time or a gift. This helps in reinforcing that behavior and keeping the child motivated. The next time they have a chance to repeat that good behavior, they will be motivated enough to do it. If your child performs well at school, positive sanction may be just the motivation needed to diplay consistency in that behavior pattern.

Negative Sanctions

Whenever your child does something bad, or something inappropriate, punish them by taking something important to them away from them. You can reduce their TV time, or take away their favorite stuff toy or cancel the daily park trip. This will motivate your child not to repeat that behavior again.

Motivate your children
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Appreciation through words

When your child displays good behavior, praise them. If they have been kind, charitable or helped you out with house hold chores, use words to tell then what they did is good and explain the importance of their action. This will reinforce that behavior pattern and make them strive harder to do it again. Praising your child, helps them develop self-confidence and keeps them motivated.

Soul Searching

Take your child to soup kitchens, old age homes and how them those who are underprivileged. This will help them realize how well they have it and will keep them motivated to do better, strive harder and be the best versions of themselves.

Let them play with the computer

Oh, this is the hardest for us parents – particularly those of us who tend to be a bit “tech-phobic.” Hard truth: “being bad with technology” doesn’t exist. You don’t have an innate inaptitude for anything electronic, I promise you that. But, often applications and programs don’t perform as expected. That’s a good thing – especially for kids. It creates an opportunity to flex their problem solving muscles to figure out exactly what’s wrong. Also, I promise that unless they throw your computer out the window or spill a large mug of root beer on the keyboard, your child won’t break your device.

Motivate your children
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Children are like wet clay, you can mold them according to what you expose them too, once they are molded, you can’t change the shape. This is why, it is very essential to only demonstrate that behavior inform of children, that you want them to copy or redo. A child needs to be taught self-value and self-worth from the very beginning. You need to develop their confidence and teach them to ensure that they never lose it, not should it augment to the point it turns into over confidence.