MOMO Game – More Sinister Than Blue Whale, Murderous Enigma Comes To Pakistan!

Momo Game is in Pakistan and it more sinister than Blue Whale!

With eyes bulging out of their sockets, donning a distorted smile over a bony, pale face is Momo and the game is being called “Momo Game“. With a grotesque mixture of human and animal parts, this image is used as a front to challenge kids to chat via messages and then threatens them if they don’t reply. It is reported to be the upgrade of Blue Whale game which took many lives last year.

Various deadly suicide games have been circulating on social media for the last few months. Another one has sprout up and is unfortunately very dangerous. After the scary, blood thinning and nail curling game Blue Whale, the Momo game or Momo Suicide Challenge is wreaking havoc in homes. Cases of contact with ‘Momo’ have also surfaced in Pakistan.

Momo Game is in pakistan and it more sinister than Blue Whale!
Courtesy: DNA India

Reportedly, Momo is social media account on WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, which uses the image of an artwork sriking horror in to the hearts of many. The artwork, called Mother Bird by Link Factory, induces curiosity in young minds and this results in them communicating with ‘Momo’.

How Does Momo Game Work?

This viral suicide challenge works by a grotesque figure sending challenges to teenagers. Since most people go through a rebellious phase in their teens, this game targets those young and impressionable minds. This challenge feeds off the dilemma, confusion and rawness of children and teens.

According to the media reports, the avatar used by Momo is an illustration of a woman with grotesquely terrifying features and bulging eyes. This is derived from the work of Midori Hayashi, a Japanese artist.  Midori Hayashi is not linked to the game in any way.

Momo Game is in Pakistan and it more sinister than Blue Whale!
Courtesy: Hack Forever

Buenos Aires Times reported that the Momo challenge has been linked to the death of a twelve year old Argentinean girl. The Argentinean police are still in search of the culprit.

Police around the world are warning parents of this highly violent, disturbing and dangerous internet challenge. In many countries including the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Columbia, police and other law enforcing agencies have issued warnings telling parents to be very vigilant and keep constant check on their children’s social media accounts.

Pakistanis Are NOT Safe Either!

A worried Pakistani mother, Saba Mohsin, took to social media for help when confronted with this terror. She wrote: ‘My son was using my mobile suddenly he got a WhatsApp call from Momo (Momo game challenge) and a scary doll appeared on my screen. The number was unknown and had a different code. He was scared and cried a lot. Now I am so tensed I have deactivated my WhatsApp account. Please tell me how to prevent getting that call again. Did she (Momo) hack my mobile? Because after that my mobile is working very slow. Please help.’

Many cybercrime experts are of the opinion that the Momo challenge is a hoax aimed at stealing information. The challenge seems to be passing around primarily through WhatsApp and Facebook, and authorities aren’t sure of the perpetrators’ motive.

First Blue Whale, Now Momo Game

Some time back, the Blue Whale challenge went viral. It pushed teens to commit suicide through a series of instructions from a stranger over the Internet for a span of 50 days. It started off with small dares until the last dare would be to commit suicide. An Indian website reported that the Blue Whale challenge consumed nearly 100 individual’s lives over the span of a year in India itself.

There is a constant need to use social media responsibly. Rather than focusing on the memes and trolling, it is important to guide other about the life threatening consequences of this game!