Mobile World Congress 2019 Will Be Held In Barcelona!

Mobile World Congress 2019
Courtesy: Novobrief

2019 is considered to be the year of technological advancements and tech gadgets and people are anticipating foldable phones and amazing features in the smartphones. People are now expecting innovative designs and upgradations in android and apple smartphones since they are fed up of the previous version of ones with one or two modifications. Now people want more and something out of the box. It’s an era of AI and people want their smartphones to be super smart in terms of features other than the enhances cameras. After CES 2019, innovation in the field of technology will be the focus of Mobile World Congress 2019!

This year, the manufacturers have taken the customers’ feedback really seriously and have promised to come up with never-like-before designs and specifications. A lot of innovative ideas were displayed and applauded in CES 2019 held last month and much more is now expected from Mobile World Congress (MWC) to be held in Barcelona from 24th-28th February. All the manufacturers are going to come up with their best products to display in MWC. Let’s have a quick look at what we should be expecting from MWC 2019.


Huawei was not able to impress much in CES 2019 so they have to prove themselves in MWC 2019. CEO Richard Yu has recently given a hint about the upcoming foldable and 5G compatible handsets. Right now, P30and P30 Pro are in the limelight and the market is full of rumors that there are going to be three or maybe four rear-lenses.


LG is trying hard to penetrate in the mobile market and has announced G8 ThinQ. This flagship handset has features like front-facing camera, Time of Flight sensor, face unlock and other AR applications. Moreover, it is reported that V50 is going to be 5G compatible handset.


Microsoft is a surprising addition to MWC and is all set to show off its HoloLens 2. This is going to be a next-generation headset with augmented reality.


Motorola has recently launched G7 and it is rumored that they are going to come up with a foldable Razr reboot.


The company is all set to release OnePlus 7 and a 5G handset.


Well, we shouldn’t be expecting something out of the box in MWC this year from Samsung. The reason is that the company itself is going to hold its mega event in the coming days for Galaxy S10. It is already expected that Galaxy S10 will be launched later in February in San Francisco along with a preview of the upcoming foldable phone. That’s why, Samsung would only be displaying wearable gadgets and PCs in this MWC 2019.


Gone are those days when inventive Xperia have taken the mobile market with its unique features and multimedia technology but the company is now all set to launch its flagship devices. Xperia XZ4 is going to make its appearance this year with a reported display aspect ratio of 21:9 and a 4,400 mAh battery.

Tech geeks are excited about the latest advancements that will be unveiled in Mobile World Congress 2019 and so should you because you can get the hints about the upcoming mobiles!