Mobile Companies Did Successful Business In Past Few Years!

Mobile Companies Did Successful Business In Last Few Years!
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Everyone wants that his/her company remain successful throughout the year/session, but the only that hidden factor for the successful business is how rapidly they adopt the change of environment. The factor is not ended here how they look towards fulfilling the requirement of their costumers. In the last few years, mobile companies did successful business throughout the year in the whole world only because they keep caring the needs of their users as well as they keep welcome the new technology and handed to their user according to their need.

Let’s have a glance at the top leading mobile companies and how much revenue they have earned in the past few years.

Huawei- A bring future ahead

In the last few years, Huawei has emerged as one of the leading mobile company all around the world. Huawei was launched with just 5680 dollars by a Chinese officer named Ren Zhengfei in Shenzhen. You will surprise to know that just over three decades, it is having a sale of 86 billion dollars all over the world and make its good reputation in the field of telecommunication. Huawei gives jobs to over 180,000 people, who are working for it in 170 countries. Under the umbrella of China, Huawei is the biggest smartphone seller and ranked it at the third number of the best mobile seller after Apple and Samsung. As far as the US is concerned, they discourage their carriers to buy military telecommunication equipment from Huawei due to security reasons.

Mobile Companies Did Successful Business In Last Few Years!
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You will surely amaze to read it that the first six months of 2018 its revenue was 325.7 billion Yuan which is almost 49 billion dollars. One of the biggest reason its success that Huawei always looks and fulfilled the demands of their costumers by mid-range of budget providing with the quality of things on the other hand too so that’s why people are showing trust in it. In the last few years, Huawei smartphones are most liked by middle Asia countries due to their awesome and incredible features.

 Samsung – A well-known company

Samsung is a well-known company in almost all over the world due to its best telecommunication equipment.

Due to their specialization in display and semiconductor, they are going in the right path in the last two years. This South Korean company has revenue of 45 billion dollar quarterly and which is up nearly 8.9 % yearly. And due to their good company policies, they are having 6.45 billion dollars with a dramatic increase of 82%.

Mobile Companies Did Successful Business In Last Few Years!
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Chipset, display panels are the key factors that increase the revenue of Samsung that sells to other mobile/telecommunications companies, for instance, Apple having a contract with Samsung for the chip processor that is mainly used in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Some Samsung smartphones play a vital role in increasing their revenue due to their amazing features which is praised by their users which included Galaxy S6 Edge+

Apple- Everyone’s all-time wish

Apple is all time favorite all around the world, but out of grip from the users due to its high prices, but no doubt Apple gives stunning features to its users.

Mobile Companies Did Successful Business In Last Few Years!
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You will surely amaze to know its third quarter revenue. It’s just beyond your thinking and imagination. It shows its third quarter revenue of 2018 called Q3 2018, 53.3 billion dollars, which is much more than both Huawei and Samsung revenue statements. Closely see their statistical data you will come to know that they earned 41.3 million dollars by selling iPhones which are considered as an apple of the eye of everyone, 11.55 million dollar through iPads and earned 3.7 million through Macs. Although as we said earlier, Apple equipment are much expensive, even than apple lovers are buying it as Apple knowing and fulfilling their demands, requirements and needs by welcoming the technology.