“Meri Gurya” – A Drama Based On Brutal Reality Is Much Needed Addition To Our Television

“Meri Gurya” – a very popular drama going on Air these days is gaining an immense popularity among audience all across the Pakistan. It has a strong cast of the most talented people of our Pakistani Drama Industry for some extremely vigorous characters. “Meri Gurya”  doesn’t only show the harsh reality based incidents on child abuse but this one and a half hour of serial depicts a “real truth”, it really shows the endorsement of abuse in the life of women and i.e. abuse of a woman’s loyalty, her character, her talent and her life.

In this serial Mr.Sajid Hassan is playing a remarkable role of a very conservative father as the character of Shahmeer, who is a clerk basically, he can’t express his compassion towards his wife and daughters but he is a very obedient son to his mother, who only wants a grandson as a future “Waaris” for their family and according to her spending money on daughters is just a waste of time. Shahmeer doesn’t feel ashamed nor he gets hesitate in beating harshly his wife in front of his daughters and his mother always cheered up whenever he does this act of cruelty.

A very strong, desperate and a concerned mother role is being played by Sania Saeed as Shehnaz. One of the most beautiful part of this drama is the way Shehnaz guarding her three lovely daughters “Saaray uncle dour say uncle”, this is the way her younger daughter Abida answered to someone who even try to get close to her by any mean.

The cast of Meri Gurya

Another amazing role of a passionate and headstrong sportswoman is played by Sonya Hussain as Safeena, who is a state level badminton champion. She wants to pursue her dream in spite of being forced marriage to Dabeer but her “sportswoman ship” is considered as a curse for her family and society.

Mohsin Abbas Haider is playing a role of Dabeer, who lives in neighborhood of Shahmeer. He is an actual culprit and psychopath person who is disguised as innocent man. He has a very trouble personality since childhood but his parents ignored this gruesome issue and married him to such a talented, young and bold Safeena. Dabeer can’t express his feelings to his wife properly nor does he share anything to his family members.

Dabeer gets extremely excited when little Abida came to meet his wife very often and tries to get her by several means and he successfully got a chance to abduct the innocence of young Abida when all family members were busy in cherishing the “Dholki ceremony” of Shahmeer’s second wedding for the sake of “waaris” from a sixteen-year-old rape victim who is deaf and dumb since birth.

So far “Meri Gurya” has completed only ten episodes and yet more to come for proceed but the most important fact it has revealed is the “role” of women in our society. Our society has no place for such a loyal wife and a loving mother of daughters; she is useless if she can’t give a birth to a boy. Our society disgrace the woman who is passionate to pursue her dreams, if she has dreams then immediately get her married to a strange guy so that all her dreams will vanished.

And the most brutal reality is whenever such incidents happen every one gets busy in blaming mother for her irresponsibility towards girl child specially; no one ever focused the root of evil sprouting from a seed of ignorance.