Mayor Karachi Said “Pesay Nahin Hain” And Got Schooled By This College Professor!

Mayor Karachi, Waseem Akhtar is in hot waters nowadays! In “Naya Pakistan” public is questioning the performance of the politicians. Last night, Waseem Akhtar was lectured by a college professor. When Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar asked about the condition of an area, he was not expecting the severe scolding by a common citizen of Pakistan.

Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar asked for this scolding!
Courtesy: YouTube

The professor complained that the condition of the road is extremely bad and people are suffering due to it, guess what the reply of our Mayor was?

Paisey Nahi Hain!

Yes, like an irritated husband answering his demanding wife, he said “Paisey nahi hain, jab ayengy to hoga kaam”. I remembered that famous dialogue of Jeena “merey to maa baap bhi nai hain” and now we have “pesy nai hain“. I am not even exaggerating guys, He actually said that! Here is the video

The fellow members of the mayor were seen supporting the mayor and protecting him from the threat! Yeah a respectable citizen of the country was being treated as a threat to the precious and irreplaceable Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar.

Waseem Akhtar asked for this scolding!
Courtesy: Fixit

Considering the condition of the largest metropolitan, it is evident that Mayor Karachi failed to deliver! As he is responsible for the city that selected him, he is answerable to the Awaam! Waseem Akhtar asked the man to talk to him with TAMEEZ and the man was like

“I am a college professor, Aap TAMEEZ sekhain gy mujhy!”

This month is pretty exciting for our not-so-loved mayor as earlier this week his car got stolen like WTF. People went crazy after this car incident and called it Karma! Seriously saying I am fed up with the tantrums of these so-called “Awaami Numaindey”.

Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar – You Asked For It!

It is my personal opinion that he asked for it! You Mayor Sahab was selected by this public and it is your duty to provide relief to them. Rather than providing lame excuses, it would have been better if you were more focused on delivering. The petty side of me is happy that after all this time, the public is asking these politicians tough question. It was a much needed change and I am expecting this tradition to continue.