Matcha Flavor Desserts Are Creating Buzz In Karachi

Courtesy: Sharing Kyoto

The flavour of lotus and Nutella is something old now; matcha is now everyone’s latest obsession.

Matcha is Japanese green tea in powdered form and has much popularity now. It did not get fame just because of its reported health benefits but it is also unique in flavor. The powder is versatile and it is usable for drinks like frappes, lattes, and smoothies. It can also get used in desserts like cake, pudding, ice cream and meals can also get prepared with the touch of matcha, such as crepes, noodles, and croissants. You just named and several recipes will come towards you. Isn’t it interesting?

Maybe Karachi has not yet experienced the flavor of matcha extensively yet, but it is not deniable that the offerings of matcha aren’t worth a try. There are five places in Karachi who are offering matcha-flavour food. Take a look below;


You can call this dessert a prey. Yes, it is something worth to try. Crispy wontons with the stuffing of hot chocolate sauce, accompanied with sweet matcha-ice cream is a great combination which can take you to sky. This dessert is assimilated with various temperature and texture by which you are going to experience going to the heaven. You should get one now!

Matcha Ice cream wonton
Courtesy: Fuchsia

Matcha-Frappe by Esquire

It is a perfect blend of sweet and thickness. Matcha-frappe by Esquire never disappoints anyone. It is something perfect to try in summer. The people who cannot tolerate lactose, they can get frappe in almond milk too, and it will be something with same taste as regular milk. You should try this with thick topping of whipped cream. Thanks me later!

Courtesy: Oh, How Civilized


If you are obsessed with sweets along with the fear of your sugar level, than there is nothing to worry, Makotoya got you covered. Matcha-flavored pudding by Makotoya is topped with the thin layer of glaze and paste of red bean. Oh yes you are thinking the same I thought when first listened this. But believe me beans never tasted this much tasty ever! It is having three variant layers, pudding matcha-glaze, and bean paste along with great taste and flavors. You should get one now!

Courtesy: Dawn


Some of those who tried this claimed that this soft serve by Easy is not really like matcha and it slightly taste like rose flavor. But you cannot deny that when you want something with soft serve flavors in the city apart from simple vanilla and chocolate, than this is something you should go for. Your soft serve craving will surely get satisfied with Easy’s creation.

Matcha flavored icecream
Courtesy: Images – Dawn


This is a new place which is offering shaved ice desserts with the base of Korean milk with toppings, in an amateur way you can say that its Korean gola ganda. They have two varieties of matcha, one is the tradition with red bean paste and another one is with chocolate. Definitely the winner is a traditional one with red bean paste. The sweetness of red beans cuts the bitterness of matcha and gives a fascinating flavor when you take this to mouth.  This matcha-heaven have a topping of matcha-whipped cream too.

These are all the places worth trying for experiencing the innovative flavour. This Japanese green tea powder is widely used in other several countries but is a bit rare in Pakistan now. Go and have this new flavor in any of your favoured desserts.