Martin Kobler Is Making An Effort To Know Us AND Pakistanis Are Loving Him For That

Martin kobler German Ambassador to Pakistan
Courtesy: Martin Kobler Twitter

What comes in your mind when you think about an ambassador? for me it is tight-lipped boring, suit-clad man with an aura of authority. I recently came across with some pictures of Martin Kobler, and boy the image was shattered!

A normal hair cut from small barber shop…

Buying things from local vendors…

Eating at local eateries…

Selfies with common people…

Being a Pakistani we have been through with these ‘little fun moments’ in our lives but can we even presume to found these ‘traditional maneuvers’ in an “Ambassador”?

Yes!! you have read it correct… “an Ambassador”. “An Official Diplomat” – how ‘formal’ these terms are for a common man. Maybe we have cited the above mention tactics of little fun moments in our representative personnel –to be Minister, Mayor, etc.- but a 70 years old German Ambassador has made it so informal, friendly and loving for Pakistanis. He has been setting major “Ambassadorship goals” for more than half a decade.

The ‘Great Ambassador’ shares his adventures on his Twitter and keep all his followers excited and receives an overwhelming response. He has an impressive fan-following on twitter and this tweets are relatable to a common man! He is doing all the right things such as,

He Congratulated Imran Khan For Being Sworn As PM

He Went To Shigar And Talked About The Literacy Rate On International Literacy Day!

He Celebrated Defense Day With Our Jawaans

When He Promoted A Positive Message For Everyone

When He Congratulated our Not-So-Silent 13th President!

When Martin Kobler Was Excited To Have So Many Followers!!!

When He Participated In Tree Plantation Drive

When He Wanted To Bring A Positive Change In Pakistan

When He Was Worried About Twitter Shutdown In Pakistan

When He Celebrated Independence Day Just Like Us!

And Guess What?? Martin Kobler Decorated Our Once-Awaami Car

His fans are in love with him, so are we!!! He redefined the term “ambassador” and other ambassadors should take notes!!!