Maqbool Hussain – Brave Soldier of 1965 War Passed Away

Maqbool Hussain - The brave soldier of 1965 war passed away

Maqbool Hussain was the symbol of resilience, patriotism and bravery. Maqbool Hussain was a sepoy for the Pakistan Army and he took part in the 1965 Pak-India war against India. This brave soldier was taken as a prisoner by Indian Army in the year 1965. He was never given the status of a Prisoner of War which provided certain benefit and rights. He was declared missing on August 20th, 1965.

The Indian army tried to extract information from him but they were not ready to face the bravery of a Pakistani soldier. Maqbool Hussain went through mental and physical torture and the Indian Army tried all sorts of torture on him. The torture tactics were so abusive that they cut off Maqbool Hussain’s tongue rendering him unable to speak for the rest of his life.

Maqbool Hussain - The brave soldier of 1965 war passed away
Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

Maqbool Hussain spent 40 years in jail and didn’t reveal any secret. He faced the torture tactics but refused to utter a single word against Pakistan. Sepoy Maqbool Hussain breathed his last at Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Attock. He was admitted in CMH for past few months.

Maqbool Hussain - The brave soldier of 1965 war passed away
Courtesy: The Times of Karachi

The Inter-service Public Relations (ISPR) reported in the statement that Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa expressed his grief over the Maqbool Hussain’s death. According to military’s media wing, he will be buried with full military honor.

His bravery is unmatched, his resilience is an example for those who curse their own motherland! The nation is mourning this huge loss and paying tribute to a the soldier who faced abuse for 40 years and didn’t utter a single word against Pakistan!

28th August, 2018 marked the day when Pakistan lost a brave son and a courageous soldier. Maqbool Hussain will remain the epitome of bravery, patriotism and courage! We SALUTE you!