9 Things You Didn’t Know About Mahathir Mubarak Khan!

Mahathir Mubarak Khan
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Mahathir Mubarak Khan is the new favorite of Pakistanis with his graceful attire and his genuine love for Pakistan, our Prime Minister, and the population of Pakistan. Today we will let you know about some interesting facts about Dr. Mahathir who is again elected Prime Minister of Malaysia who got independence on 31 August 1957.

Mahathir Mubarak Khan
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Back To The Basics

He was born on 10th July 1925 in city Alor Setar, who is the second largest city of state Kedah. His father was a headmaster in an English school which was situated in Penang, while his mother belonged to Kedah Royal countries. He grown in his born city and become a medical doctor and remain part of UMNO (United Malaysia National Organization) before he decided to join Parliament.

World’s Current Oldest Leader

Leader should understand what are the basic needs of his/her nation without considering how much he/she is old, it’s all about the great vision that any leader could have. Dr. Mahathir is one of most current oldest leader who is 93 years old and he is elected as 7Th Prime minister of Malaysia. The most interesting thing, he is in second place just 285 days difference after Queen Elizabeth ll.

Came Back For Nation

Leaders always think what their nation needs and which decision would be better for them without any thinking of their own life. In 31st October 2003, Dr. Mahathir got retirement from politics and kept himself from all decisions taken by their government. But later on, he realized that their nation need change and join politics as he thought that his nation needed change.

The Romantic Buzz

It’s quite interesting to know about how he got married? Dr. Mahathir meets with Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah in King Edward Vll College of medicine in Singapore. At that time both love birds were doing their studies and also set their relationship goals with their future Profession.

Mahathir Mubarak Khan
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An Excellent Writer

Dr. Mahathir besides having a good leader and good husband, he is capable to write well. In his college time, he used to write for Singapore‘s English daily. His writing not only polish his abilities but also he got paid for his incredible work. Most of his essays were about political views on royalty and nationality.

Mahathir Mubarak Khan
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Owns A Blog

Yes! You have to admit about all the modernism thinking of this great leader, who is leading the Malaysian country towards development day by day. You will definitely amaze to know that he is the first leader in the world who has its own blog as a modern way of interaction and communication with all around the world. He made that blog in 2008 and that is updated on a daily basis.

Responsible For Great Things In Malaysia

He is the man who took multiple remarkable initiatives for his nation. He is responsible for great infrastructure that is built in Malaysia, for instance, SMART tunnel and KL Sentral, these are used by Malaysian on a daily bases. Iconic Petron’s Twin Towers which are still tallest towers across the world.

A Single Man Under Two Different Parties

Due to honesty, loyalty and hardworking for Malaysians nation, Dr. Mahathir is part of two different parties for UMNO and for Pakatan Harapan. Previously, he was 4th Prime minister under UMNO party and now the Prime Minister under Pakatan Harapan.

Vast Experience

Dr. Mahathir has vast experience in many political fields such as

  1. Deputy Prime Minister
  2. 4th Prime Minister
  3. Minister of Defence
  4. Minister of education
  5. Minister of Finance
  6. Minister of Home Affair’s
  7. Minister of Trade and industry

So these all interesting and incredible facts about great and modern leader about Prime Minister of Malaysia Mr. Dr. Mahathir, surely under such honest, hard worker and exemplary leadership Malaysia will progress day by day and will touch the heights of sky.