If You Want To Fit In The Programming World, Learn Python Programming!

Learn python programming
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Gone are those days when Pythons were considered to be the deadliest enemy of humans. With the evolution of technology and data sciences, it is Python programming which helps data scientists and developers to have a deep insight and analysis of humongous terabytes of data within few hours by writing simple scripts in a user-friendly language named as Python. The demand of online courses based on the question “How to learn Python programming” is elevating on daily basis due to the utilization of Python in future divergent world!

Let’s move on from a scary dramatic introduction to more statistical and logical reasoning to learn and implement Python. We all have heard many people learning python on multiple online learning websites and the entire world is talking about “BIG DATA” or “DATA SCIENCES”. But wait, what is actually these alien terms. Let’s make a very general comment. All the giants including Google and Facebook gather users’ data in order to sort and analyze data based on users’ likes and dislikes and then this data is used by the marketing platforms. Python plays a vital role in order to gather, organize and analyze the data.

“Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers,” said Cuong Do, Software Architect, YouTube.com.

This article is intended to give real-time examples to emphasize the fact that to learn Python programming is now the basis in order to step forward in the future divergent world.

User- friendly Syntax and Graphical User Interface

Python language has a pretty simple syntax comprising of English commands. There are various open-sourced GUI interfaces available online including PyGtk, wxPython or PyQt and many more.

Learn python programming
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Computational and Analytical Application

Python comes in a large variety from web-development to data computational tools including Numeric Python and Scientific Python. These tools are widely used by data analytics in order to process scientific data at a very high-speed. Python is a perfect language for people dealing with statistical data on daily basis. Python can automate our data, make web portals, organize the data according to our wish and then can make a data analysis report.

Learn python programming
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Technology has transformed everything into virtual reality and gaming serves as a gateway to VR. Python comprises multiple libraries and platforms for game developers. PySoy and PyGame are game engines and platforms provided by Python. Following games are developed by using Python:

  • Civilization-IV
  • Disney’s Toontown Online
  • Vega Strike
Learn python programming
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Web Development

Python is widely used for has been used to develop websites and web frameworks. Web frameworks like Django and TurboGears etc. provide standardized modules and libraries to streamline tasks like web content and database management and interfacing.

Learn python programming
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Final Verdict

Python has got diversified applications from statistical data analysis to games and web interface development. Learning Python language is a must in today’s era since it is now one of the most powerful languages which have just surpassed Java presently. The digital world has entirely revolutionized the concept of E-learning and you can learn Python sitting in your homes. Udemy, coursera and edX are providing online courses from beginner level to advanced level.