Laraib Atta – A Girl Who Broke the Cultural Barriers

Laraib Atta
A girl appeared on the TEDx Talk and blew everyone away. Who could have thought a girl who was brought up in a small town could reach such heights? She climbed each stair of breaking the cultural restrictions whilst crushing the negativities under her feet. The girl who travelled from Esakhel to Hollywood. The girl I am talking about is Laraib Atta, the daughter of the famous singer of Pakistan, Attaullah Esakhelvi (arguably as famous as NFAK!). She witnessed the rigid and chauvinistic society in her early teen age. That double-standard of freedom that privileged the men with a sexist approach appeared to shatter her dream. In TEDx Talk, Laraib Atta confessed that society could not even bear her as single, and pressurized her family, especially father to marry her at the earliest. Due to the fact that she had to face the patriarchic society every day, she was forced to be at home.
Kick off the negativity, focus on positivity – the mantra of Laraib.
As she narrated her story further, it seemed as if this girl was born courageous. The line above is easy to describe, but difficult to implement in life. She really did that and became focused. The loneliness she was going through, she didn’t conceive that as a problem that will cause a huge negative impact on her life. Laraib Atta manipulated her loneliness into art – the passion that she might have inherited from her parents, the two legendary artists. Although her domain was different but equally challenging. She mentioned the fascination of art and animation from the movie series, “Toy Story”. Mary her, oh please! Her mother wasn’t supportive of this decision at any cost. She wanted to see her daughter running miles away to cherish her dreams at a stage of no-return, because society was too embarrassing for the future of her daughter. Mother’s love for her daughter is incomparable, and Laraib’s mom is a practical example. She fought for her and enforced that she should follow her dream and fulfill her achievements. She was impressed with the concept of minimalism – the less is more. In all the ups and downs in her life, she tried to mold her passion and inspiration into the existing opportunities. She didn’t focus on the amount of freedom she had or the minimal opportunities she was experiencing, she convinced her mind and heart to be blissful and rejoiced. Complain was not an option for her, so she didn’t opt that, rather focused at seeding the passion that will grow into a tree of opportunities. A girl who just kept going after her dreams. Stepping into United Kingdom – the start of her career and a new beginning for Laraib Atta. In her interview, she mentioned that her brother went for studies abroad, so the whole family shifted to UK. At that time, she took a break from her academics. Since her family was so cooperative and wanted to see her becoming independent, her brother gave her an idea to go for visual effect and animation courses. That was it, after she went for it and completed the courses, she was hired. She was already there in Hollywood. She was struggling to be something, and for that she had to do late sittings in the office. Break the cultural barriers not the moral and values – compel your people humbly.
Laraib Atta
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Because her father continuously showed concerns over her late sittings and being too much workaholic, she gave it a break and followed her fathers command. Not because her father was not supportive, it is because she knew a day will come. She didn’t want to pursue her career and happiness by being selfish. So, Laraib Atta responded to the selfless concerns of her father by being outstandingly selfless and she quit the job. From employed to jobless to reaching further heights – the timeline of Laraib’s career. With the cooperation of her family, she started looking for jobs again. This time, she was not getting impressive responses, rather rejections or no-response from the companies. She continued her revived struggle, and this time it was further intensified due to the cooperation of her family, and eventually, she started getting acceptance and interest from the multinational filming companies. From one opportunity to another big one, Laraib Atta continued her journey. Currently, she is working as a visual artist in VFX company – the giant of visual filming. In the span of several years, she has completed several football campaign advertisements and Nike commercials in BBC, as well as she has marked the milestone achievements in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Godzilla, Gravity, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader and Prince Caspian, 10, 000 BC and Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd. Her mother spoon-fed her by the idea of “Be Independent”, and she cherished that and eventually made it. Kudos to the pride of Pakistan – a girl who truly waved the Pakistani Flag at international level.