Laal Kabootar Review – Let’s Paint The Town Red!

Laal Kabootar Review – Let’s Paint The Town Red
Courtesy: The Express Tribune

So, we were in fix last weekend since three Pakistani movies hit the cinemas and we just couldn’t decide which one to watch. I talked to my friends regarding their reviews about Sherdil and I couldn’t get some real positive reviews about the movie (I am a big fan of PAF and I believe that movies don’t do justice to them). Project Ghazi is considered to be the first ever science fiction Pakistani movie and hasn’t been performing well either. After much consideration, we decided to watch Laal Kabootar and honestly, I don’t regret my decision at all.
I really admire the cinematography, direction and picturesque script execution right from the beginning till the climax. Laal Kabootar grabs the attention of the viewers right at the first scene of the movie since it starts with the street crimes that happen often in Karachi. I am a Lahoriite and street life of Karachi really fascinates me so I thoroughly relished the metropolitan’s nightlife covered by Laal Kabootar. The story is about two people who coincidently cross each other paths at the most unexpected junction of their lives and the meeting turns their lives upside down. On one side is a man striving to meet both his ends by driving a taxi and saving money to go to Dubai in order to improve his lifestyle. On the other side is a lady who is seeking revenge for the murder of his journalist husband who was brutally killed in open streets since he dared to speak against the influential corrupt people. In order to find out how both of these two people belonging to different backgrounds meet and what happens next, you should watch the movie in theatres.

It’s a dilemma of our society since we do not speak up against the crimes happening around us since we are scared for our families and our loved ones. Laal Kabootar underscores how easily people bribe the police of our country and how these policemen are prone to asking for it since the apparent government salary doesn’t fulfill their needs and necessities. It’s already stated in our code of conduct book Quran that HE loosens the rope of the wicked and bad people till they are punished for their sins in this world and hereafter. Moreover, whenever a person does HARAAM (forbidden deeds), he will be doomed in this world. The film highlights all of these moral, social and religious matters in this well-written script.

Laal Kabootar Review – Let’s Paint The Town Red
Courtesy: Naya Daur

It’s not a very prolonged movie rather a compact storyline with strong messages to the viewers scattered throughout. It’s about the struggles of a common man to improvise his miserable circumstances, revenge of a wife who just can’t let go of her husbands’ murderers and the role of our local police. I really appreciate the background score of Laal Kabootar since it was typical Sindhi folk songs with perfect modern rapping. The movie has been successful in grabbing the attention of the viewers by making it relatable to the common people.
Go and watch the movie this weekend and share your reviews with us.