After KE Electrocution Cut My Life Connection!

KE electrocution
Courtesy: Dawn

One always has plans made up especially for grand eves. Like Eids. Like Eid-ul-Azha when the environment has its charming hangover. But death, it has its plan. Or maybe, death has frequent plans for you at every step you commute with if you are a Karachite, a miserably neglected citizen just like the city itself. And so, death had its plans for me all set already before Eid and I am not talking about the natural death, I am talking about death due to the negligence of K-electric (KE).

Imagine, you have all your Eid attires ready to be worn but just two or three days before Eid, you lose the very chance to wear them. When once you expected to be all shiningly dressed in them while walking for Eid prayer, but you end up being taken there shrouded in coffins for your funeral prayers instead, later to be buried deep down tones of soil. Imagine my family having messed Eid-ul-Azhas for the lifetime ahead. Since I used to be the only child, their Eid-ul-Fitrs are going to be the same way when they would not find any child of theirs to offer Eidi to. Or the heavy, messed whole life because after all, loved ones are not remembered on eves only, but every day.

And here begin the blame games. Local bodies putting fingers on each other, next; altogether on government. And the government? Their significant representatives stating “ziada baarish hoti hai tou ziada paani ata haisort of counselling and justifications.

How unfortunate we are to have blessings turning into curses, curses that are potential enough to bring about disconnections from living. The unstable infrastructure, defected electrification patterns, weak buildings, open manholes, and absenteeism of safety measures and related basic survival utility. Everything has put its part in my demise.

But as the saying goes, “like rulers, like ruled”, similarly just like those having charge of our safety, common people themselves had their blood turned cold. Sharing videos of me taking my last scrapping breaths while having been sparked with electricity pole, amidst electrified rainwater clustered on the road. What appeared in their mind to convince them doing so? My mom who could never see a speck of blood upon me must have almost lost her mind while seeing such inhumane videos going viral and being unhesitatingly circulated like nothing. I believe no human being deserves such a lifelong dilemma, let alone such horrid memory flashbacks.

I did have chances, although frail, to be rescued safely if people around me had stepped forward to help me instead of video graphing me when I was holding a few of my last breaths. Anyways, this is the 21st Century, Facebook updates are more important than saving a human life.

There are common demands by a few parliamentarians directing the electricity corporation (KE) to pay the compensation fee. My spirit at the moment dwells in wondering if I could ever be approximated with some monetary price. I thought human life was nobly priceless.

Also, jokes on me for I was worried about stray dogs, cats, birds and sacrificial animals during the heavy downpour while not knowing that life of a precious, living human being was similarly as worthless as them in this city. Just like they died without having any opportunity to complaint, I did, too.

Since, I was a young man, an educated CA aspirant, so my story circulated faster than those many who are not even fortunate to have their death-story featured at all. Imagine, how many dreams, not just of the dead, but their loved ones ended up being shattered. Some parents lost their only son, some child lost her single parent on whom her whole universe lasted, some sibling lost his friendliest sibling, and so the list goes on, accurately non-estimated – all because of KE.

I just want to pose an innocent query on behalf of all departed souls like me, even though that’s I know, of course, going to be just a mild cry in the wild. I just wish to get answers to why no preparation was done prior for such heavy system predicted to enter the country. Even a layman had known about this long ago but not those educated, highly aware men who have the charge of KE? Am I eligible to be called murdered instead of naturally dead; for the expiries like these can never be justified as natural deaths, simply?

Anyways, this news is going to be outdated soon, or maybe it already has been, but the grief that will move along forever, in the hearts of those who have lost us, will never be old fashioned. And even then, if you ever begin to forget us, go to the spot where I gave away my only life; right beside the KE electricity pole, where a banner still displays justice requests for the electrocution victims, reminding higher authorities to quicken the fair execution process before the banner is also torn apart away because it’s too late or before it is delayed meaning that it is denied, and so in the end, the case is left to rest with God solely, like countless many’s.