Justice Nasira Iqbal Is The Shaheen Allama Iqbal Talked About

Justice Nasira Iqbal - The shaheen of Allama Iqbal

Justice Nasira Iqbal is a falcon that Allama Iqbal envisioned – in flesh, in blood, kith and kin of him, and in intellect. What else could be said, she made me her admirer, I hope you feel that way as well.

Extraordinary Life of Justice Nasira Iqbal

Let’s first have a brief look over her life. This courageous and optimistic lady was born in 1940. She started off with Queen Marry College on a scholarship, followed by another scholarship in Kinnaird College Lahore in 1958, where she received her first ever award – National Talent Award. Completing her graduation, Nasira Iqbal attained her Master’s Degree from Punjab University in property law. Nonetheless, she is among the lucky ones to reach Harvard University, without any influence. Why I said that? Because, she is not a daughter of Allama Iqbal rather her daughter-in-law or we say in Urdu “Bahu”.

Justice Nasira Iqbal is the shaheen of Allama Iqbal
Courtesy: Rava PK

Completing her post-graduation from there, she became the true representative of our culture, as she maintained the cultural satire of “shalwar kameez”, regardless of where she was – be it a western country or anywhere. She represented her culture and stick to that.

From Allama Iqbal to Justice Nasira Iqbal
Courtesy: Allama Iqbal Poetry

Thrilling List of Awards – There are many

She maintained a rigorous-to-attain list of awards that reflects her capability. Note that, she struggled almost all her life to reaching this stage. In 2006, she was honored with Fatima Jinnah Medal for Women’s Rights, followed by Woman of the Year Star Award in 2007 and in 2011, she conquered Wonder Woman Award. It’s not that easy as reading the list might seem, it is a long journey of dedication, motivation, and upholding to the objectives.

From an ordinary girl to becoming the educated person and the daughter in-law of Allama Iqbal son, Mr Javed Iqbal, it is a timeline of Iqbal’s falcon, but being related to Allama Iqbal doesn’t matter the most, what is substantial is her climbing the mountains of achievements – one peak after another. A true depiction of what Iqbal said:

From Allama Iqbal to Justice Nasira Iqbal
Courtesy: Allama Iqbal Poetry

Professional Setting

Nasira Iqbal started practicing law, and among a few women, she become the Justice of Lahore High Court and held the position till 2002. She is also the President elect of Lahore Bar Council. Furthermore, she is also a professor of law and a reputable personality to attend several conferences and seminars in distinguished countries. Her following words depicts her devotion, seriousness, and optimistic approach to her profession:

“Justice delayed is the justice denied”

Apart from that, she is also a social activist and running an NGO, “Concerned Citizens of Pakistan” as a President. Who would be more concerned than her?

Presidential Candidate – One of the Best Name

I am man and a proud “feminist”. Trust me, when I heard about her being considered for President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The story I knew about Fatimah Jinnah flashed before my eyes. That situation was same 53 years ago. Fatima Jinnah fought for presidential elections against Ayub Khan in 1965. Sadly, she lost, but I always endeavoured to see a woman nominated for a President in my life as well. A woman holding the highest office in my country – imagine the proud situation, when the world would be airing the news Pakistan elected its first-ever woman President. And the first female president would be none other than daughter-in-law of Allama Iqbal, he who dreamt about Pakistan! Even thinking about it is giving me enchanting feels.

Although people of Pakistan had elected their first woman Prime Minister, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed – not once but twice. And, she was expected to become the PM again, had she not assassinated. However, from Fatima Jinnah to Nusrat Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, each one didn’t let the nation down and presented our country to the world as progressive, mature, and forward. Now, Nasira Iqbal could have done that again, and I was pleased to hear this choice from PTI.


From Allama Iqbal to Justice Nasira Iqbal

Mark my words, I am not a supporter of PTI, neither I voted for them; however, this decision provoked my mind. Out of the blue, I started feeling my voting decision as wrong, and I emancipated nothing but respect for PTI. However, sadly, after I heard her not a nominee for Presidential candidate, now I am returned to previous state of mind.


I know president has less powers, especially after ex-President Asif Ali Zardari singed the bill and restored the powers to the PM. Still, President has unmatchable and unimaginable powers; after all, Mr. President is an enough to say.

Anyways, I will remain her admirer, it does not matter if she is a president or not. I hope the nation realize that it doesn’t matter what gender a person is born with, what he or she has nurtured in terms of qualification and capabilities are the assessing factors. In all ways, Nasira Iqbal was a best option.

When will we able to see a woman as president? It is a question of clueless answer. However, I hope to witness it one day, do you?