From Junaid Jamshed’s “Dil Dil Pakistan” To Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan”!

Junaid Jashed Imran Khan Naya Pakistan

He envisioned, he professed, and he motivated – he cultivated the thoughts of Naya Pakistan in his way. Sadly, he is no more with us, but I am sure he must be witnessing this glorious achievement of Pakistani people from heavens, and as usual he must be vibrantly smiling. From “Dil Dil Pakistan” to “Naya Pakistan”, the journey was difficult but Imran Khan is working tirelessly to fulfill this dream of Junaid Jamshed.

Dil Dil Pakistan

I am not a namby-pamby writer who cherish childhood memories to prove anything, but when it comes to Dil Dil Pakistan by Junaid Jamshed, the patriotism instincts in me boil up to thousand degrees, and my heart reaches the verge of explosion, my eyes cries a river, and my thoughts sing along.

“Aesi Zameen or Asmaan, inkay siwa jana kahan”

He faced death surrounded by the mountains – fulfilling the “Asmaan” journey and landing to the “Zameen”, we feel sorrowed, but I bet he didn’t. It was “Shahadat”, which he always prayed and wished for.

InshaAllah, Naya Pakistan!

Many a times, people wanted to ask him about Imran Khan, his answer was loud and clear, “Yes, I support him.” Reason? Imran Khan’s statements and objections were not only resonating among the masses, it was piercing their hearts, and same thing happened to Junaid Jamshed.

Yes, I support Imran Khan!

Honestly, I didn’t listen to that song, perhaps I am more a Jazz Lover now, and my all playlists are filled with such smooth music. However, trust me when my friend recently shared that song, it is on repeat. Whether or not I agree with Imran Khan and his manifesto, this song is an afflatus – a recitation that is divine and makes my imaginations a true taciturn – no way out.

Junaid said, Khan reemphasized!

The national song’s line I mentioned above is a true ad-lib. It nurtures the same affluence when Khan appeals to overseas Pakistani to invest in their country. Listening to such an approach seems nothing but a lodestar of Junaid’s song in the 80s.

Austerity Call

Whether it was Ramadan transmissions or just a common gossip between any interviewer and Jamshed, one thing was prominent, he was sick of seeing public representatives enjoying the ostentatious life. He perceived that bizarre, that’s the reason he supported. And, Imran Khan on the other hand, after becoming the PM has started fulfilling that promise. Auction of cars are about to happen, luxuries are being cut off, and I wish Junaid Jamshed could see it.

Health Card Scheme

In many Ramadan shows, especially charity sessions in ARY channel, the major issue was health. People couldn’t afford the expensive treatments, and he used to opine that it is the responsibility of government, and how Medina based riyasat system cared for it. I wish he was present here to witness the governmental health insurance drive, which has completed in KPK by Imran Khan and about to start in Punjab. Soon, it will be available throughout Pakistan, and anyone can benefit from it.

PM Imran Khan and His Billion Tree Tsunami!

He had a religious admiration, and we all know how much blissful and rewarding step “plating a tree” is in Islam. He has, on several occasion, urged the people to win Allah’s love through simple and small things, and sowing a seed takes no time. The KPK has fulfilled the Billion Tree Tsunami project and Imran Khan plans to widen it to covering whole country. That’s another thing, I wish Junaid must have witnessed before leaving us.

Imran Khan cried after hearing the news of his demise, and I believe Imran Khan must be missing him today

Those who do not like Mullah influence also love Junaid Jamshed – he truly was a remarkable person and a wonderful human being. Most of us do not remember but Imran Khan cried after hearing the news of his demise, and I believe Imran Khan must be missing him.

Let’s pay our tribute to the man of charismatic personality and a true positive influencer in Naya Pakistan. We admire and appreciate your selfless services in all fields and roles that you upheld. May you rest in peace.