VoD And Live Tv – JazzTube App Has Covered It All For Its Viewers!

JazzTube App, JazzTube APK
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It’s all about the internet and speed these days. Different operators in Pakistan are giving multiple data services including WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc, but these services are related to video, social media, texts, and calls. Don’t you think that these services aren’t enough to complement the revolutionary “Digital World” buzz? Jazz was first to identify the need to give more to its customers and launched JazzTube App in 2015.

All the subscribers are using data services for these social applications and that’s it. Operators are deploying million-dollar equipment to provide the best 3G and 4G services and all this bandwidth is quite under-utilized. So let me re-phrase, it’s not just about internet and data rather it’s a “Digital World” and we expect a lot more than just social media platforms. I believe that the telecom operators in Pakistan should come with different digital ideas to facilitate its subscribers as well as utilizing the network. Most of the international telecom operators do not just rely on the typical data services that we get here rather they provide unique features to its subscribers alongside.

JazzTube App, JazzTube APK

An Innovation Introduced By Jazz

Jazz Telecom, which is considered to be the largest telecom operator in Pakistan with subscribers’ base of around 55 million, has introduced an exciting application for its subscribers to enjoy Video on Demand as well as Live TV with a monthly subscription VIP package of JazzTube App. Jazz launched the application back in 2015 and has recently improvised the app and re-launched it with added features of watch list and live TV channels. The user can set up its personalized dashboard with favorite channels’ list, favorite programs as well as watch history. With the increasing popularity of Netflix and Iflix in Pakistan, more and more customers are now attracted to such VoD and live TV apps because of the ease and convenience of using such applications.

JazzTube App, JazzTube APK JazzTube App, JazzTube APK

JazzTube App Promising Features

The promising features of JazzTube App include,

  • Live TV
  • Video on Demand including a huge database of dramas and movies
  • Watch history
  • Favorite channels and programs
  • Monthly subscription
  • HD channels

VIP Package

There is a special VIP Package for the subscribers with additional features that include:

  • High definition channels and movies
  • Mass Video
  • Distinguished identity
  • Free data streaming of three hours’ daily

JazzTube App, JazzTube APK

VIP Packages of JazzTube App come with easy daily, weekly and monthly subscription keeping in view its subscribers’ demands. The subscribers have a variety of plans to select according to their requirements.

  1. Daily Package – 8 rupees with auto-renewal option for one day
  2. Weekly Package – 30 rupees per week
  3. Monthly Package – 119 rupees per week

JazzTube App, JazzTube APK

Final Verdict

Jazz has stepped ahead in the Digital world by introducing JazzTube App with VoD and Live TV for its subscribers. The packages are available at a considerable affordable rates meeting the subscribers’ demand to watch favorite channels, programs, dramas, and movies.