International Music Festival 2018 All Set To Rock Islamabad!

International Music Festival 2018 in Islamabad
Courtesy: Dawn

The Mad Decent Block Party is coming back to rock Pakistan! This will surely be a night of music, fun, dancing and sheer enjoyment. The Mad Decent Block Party aka MDBP will come to Islamabad on 16th December 2018 to rock the scene and brighten up the gloomy winters. International Music Festival 2018 is planning to bring an amazing musical landscape by aligning themselves with local and international music artists and presenting music in the way it has never been heard before. The songs will range from modern upbeat songs to soul swaying melodies, the diverse range will definitely keep the audience up and active. The International Music Festival in Islamabad is a rare opportunity for those living in Pakistan so it is not to be missed.

International Music Festival 2018 in Islamabad
Courtesy: Billboard

Black Box Sounds are the people behind the scene, the organizers of the remarkable Mad Decent Block Parties. The roaring success of MDBP in February, it will have an even better line up now. The names of expected artists ofInternational Music Festival 2018 in Islamabad include Chrome Sparks, TurhanJames, DJ Barrister, Natasha, and Humera Ejaz.

Apart from the amazing lineup, there are other things planned too like games, bonfires, food stalls and many interesting activities to look forward to. There are many international artists expected including What-So-Not, an Australian artist will also be performing and will surely leave the crowd mesmerized.

International Music Festival 2018 in Islamabad
The Express Tribune

Adil Omar will also be performing, he will surely get everyone’s heart beat faster. Adil is a renowned name in the music industry and he leaves the crowd wanting more at all times. Adil is not just a singer, but he raps, writes songs, produces them and is a recording artist too. He has finally made his debut album and film, which is titled Transcendence. Talal Qureshi, a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer will also grace the arena with his presence. Talal and Adil are two halves of SNKM- Sonic Nocturnal KineticMovement. Both musicians sharing production, songwriting and vocal duties. Their sound encompasses an extensive assortment of features including pop, hip-hop, industrial, rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelic. There will also be wildcard artists and this is super appealing to most party maniacs because you never know what to expect.

Diplo came to Pakistan for the first time in 2016 but he came back again when he performed at the International Music Festival 2018 in Islamabad. Elliphant and local music heartthrobs Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi were also there to rockIslamabad at the last Mad Decent Block Party. In February 2018, The Mad DecentBlock Party made its debut in Pakistan and it was a huge success so it’s back to end the year on the same high note. You can sway to the slow songs, dance to the jazz or scream your lungs out to the rock; you will definitely have the time of your life.

Thousands of people came for the Mad Decent Block Party in February, hence it is expected that more will pour in for the December fest and the set up will be bigger and better. More stages, better sound equipment, and a bigger arena. So if you have plans for the 16th of December, cancel them and head to the International Music Festival 2018 in Islamabad because it doesn’t get better than this!!