Survivors Of Sufferings Are Their Own Heroes – World Day Against Human Trafficking

Survivors Of Sufferings Are Their Own Heroes – The Need Of Observing World Day Against Human Trafficking In Persons…
Courtesy: UNODC

The world is a cruel place to live in. From social injustice to picking up an apple that fell from your tree in your neighbor’s lawn, crime can be witnessed everywhere. It takes mere seconds to commit a crime, but years to repent and things never go back the way they were before. Crime and injustice scars people for life and therefore greater minds make it their aim to raise their voices and take action against evil forces. On 30TH July every year, the United Nations observes an International Day to the cause of Human Trafficking for raising awareness regarding this heinous act.

Courtesy: UNODC

As an international felony that targets women, children and even men for the sole purpose of promoting other wrongdoings, Human Trafficking is a crime that targets every single country of the world, be it the country of origin, country of transit or country of destination for its victims.

According to global statistics, United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has reported information on about 225,000 victims since 2003 whereas according to another report presented by UNODC in 2018, the number of people being trafficked in their own country has lately increased by twice the number to 58% of total detected victims. Majority of the victims targeted are women, mostly for the purpose of sexual exploitation followed by forced labor. Different countries are detecting and recording more victims and are condemning more traffickers in collaboration with UN so that further actions can be taken against Human Trafficking.

Courtesy: UNODC

The international observance of World Day against Trafficking in Persons is not observed merely for sake of raising awareness amongst individuals for their own safety, but also to highlight and listen to the stories of survivors of Human Trafficking. It also helps governments and agencies to understand the points where Human Trafficking can and is taking place. The day also highlights the stigmas attached to human trafficking and the need of social acceptance of victims in their own societies.

This year, United Nations has worked on the theme namely ‘Human Trafficking: Call your Government for Action” to urge all countries across the world for taking synchronized and unswerving measures against traffickers in their respective regions. To combat and take serious actions against the criminality, every country has its own set of rules. But UN General Assembly has also provided the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. The Plan bounds to strengthen the security of individuals across the globe. Furthermore, the Plan has also established a UN Voluntary Trust Fund to support the victims. The funds generated, in the form of grants also aid specialized NGOs that are effectively working to save many lives all over the world.

UN through this theme is encouraging and highlighting the importance of policies within each country to combat Human Trafficking. “But the call to action is not only to Governments, but we also encourage everyone to take action to prevent this heinous crime,” were the final remarks of the United Nations on this very day.