Inspirational Sports Women Of Pakistan

Inspirational Sports Women of Pakistan
Courtesy: Desiglitz

In such a male-dominated culture, it is sporadic for Pakistani women to emanate through the ongoing gender bias. This is even rare when a Pakistani female opts for sports at their ultimate career choice. These women even have to face several societal, religious, and family pressures.

But one should never forget those women who flout the odds, those females who not only had the courage to dream and hope but made obvious to attain their goals. These women have even shone in the field of sports despite different taboos and restraints.

These enthrall and fascinating sports women surely have one thing in their mind which is rightly expressed by former captain of Pakistani women cricket team Sana Mir, “Make no mistake: you need strong arms, not smooth arms, on a sports field.”

Surely, these victorious women have left no stones unturned and they have motivated generations to walk on their footsteps.

Let’s, take a look at some of the best inspirational sportswomen of our nation.

Samina Baig

A girl aged 21, who belonged to Gilgit-Baltistan pleasantly, astonished every human being. This is because she was the first Pakistani female to reach the “Mount Everest.” Samina is the world’s third woman who has accomplished that. She is even an exceptional expedition leader and famous mountain guide in the “Hindu Kush and Karakoram.”

Maria Toorpakai

Another legend was given birth in Waziristan’s narrow valleys. Here women are not allowed and even encouraged to play sports but a star Maria Toorpakai achieved her dreams. She appeared as “Genghis Khan”, a male and her father encouraged her. It was due to his constant support that Maria was recognized as a top-notch squash player of Pakistan. Even after several threats by undefeatable Taliban’s Maria is still chasing her dreams. She is an exceptional role model for all Pakistani men and women.

Hajra Khan

A girl who is the captain of Pakistan’s football team won the hearts of millions of people. Hajra Khan has surely left no stones unturned. She presented her country internationally. She even broke “three Guinness World Records” and achieved the recent one in France.

Inspirational Sports Women of Pakistan

According to Khan’s twitter post “1 weekend, 2 World Records, 4 hours of total playing time, 6 goals!! Honored to be representing Pakistan.” Surely she has made all of us proud.

These women dreamt, crossed all hurdles, worked day and night and here they are now an inspiration for all you women out there. So, remember one thing that everything is possible you just have to stay focused and even those short-term goals of yours are achievable.