Indians Are Loving Pakistani Dramas And We Know Why!

Pakistani dramas are better than Indian
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Pakistani dramas are making their mark all across the globe. Indians are drooling over our dramas as we drool over their movies! They are ditching their over-lengthy drama to watch our soulful productions.

Why Pakistani Dramas?

Pakistani dramas are known to grasp the public attention because of the social issues that are covered in their stories. Not only are the dramas appealing to the audience because of the well-known actors but the cultural core values are also skillfully ensemble that it portrays how pure our roots are. This is the core theme area covered by the Pakistani dramas and it is somehow lacking in the Indians media.

Pakistani Dramas Are Far More Realistic!

The reason behind this depiction could be the differences in the culture as well as the mind-set that is convincing Indians into watching more Pakistani drama that are far more realistic and give out a proper end to the story. For instance, if an individual skims through numerous channels, there is a visible difference when it comes to viewing a Pakistani drama as compared to the Indian series. This is the differentiating element in the form of values, culture and norms that convinces Indian audience to watch more of the Pakistani dramas rather than watching the soaps having the prime focus on family disputes.

For instance, one good drama that was recently shown on the Pakistani channel Shehr-e-zaat covered the basic concept of humanistic existence and how it is related to the family or social relations. The quest of a female in searching for the meaning of life was quite appealing and it is not something that we see every day in our media.

Pakistani dramas are better than Indian
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Responses Of The Indian Community

These tweets speak for themselves and we don’t have to elaborate the response of Indian community as they are going crazy over our dramas. Initially they were fond of our Coke Studio and now our dramas are making their mark in the neighborhood.

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The Spirit Of Pakistani Dramas

Hence, this core element is the defining characteristic of the Pakistani dramas which could neither be copied nor extracted somewhere else. On the contrary, it could only be felt and experienced which the Indians are doing by becoming bigger fans of the Pakistani drama series.

We know why the Pakistani drama are loved by our neighbors and they do too! They are addictive and it is way too difficult to not watch them. Let’s be honest here!