Imran Khan – The Success Story of 22nd Prime Minister

Imran Khan,  the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), after the struggle of 22 years of his political career have managed to secure highest seats in National Assembly (NA) compared to other political parties. However, the seats won were first not sufficient to win the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and PM seats in the National Assembly. Later, PTI grabbed all three. Tomorrow he will take as 22nd Prime Minister Pakistan.
Imran Khan - 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan
Courtesy: Herald-Dawn

From Cricketer to Prime Minister

How the proceeded with it marks the history. Let’s recall the struggle of this party to bring change and make the dream – cherished by many people in Pakistan – into a living reality. Tabeeli and Naya Pakistan, a country free from corruption and irregularities.

Tabdeeli Agae Hy. Period.

No doubt, the change has come, but this change required a timeline of struggle and compromises for the good of people who voted for PTI and Imran Khan.

How the “Game of Change” Started?

The number of seats required for a majority in NA is 172, and PTI so far won 115 general seats. PTI officially announced that Imran Khan will take oath as a PM on 18th August 2018. The Siyasi Pandits raised a question: “Is PTI completely sure that their negotiations with other parties will work out or this duration of around 3 weeks? It is a complex situation?”

Government’s Negotiations and Opposition’s Preparation

The number game went on, which either depicted difficult situation or a virtual possibility. However, Mr. Naemul Haq confirmed that they finalized negotiations with other parties. On the other hand, PPP and PMLN tried hard to give Imran Khan a tough time and started to look forward to devising a joint strategy to counter this popular action. Their claims from pre-poll and post-poll rigging were the main issues that intended to cause hindrance in the Khan’s way to become a PM.

Number Game – Khan Won All Seats He Contested!

There was also another number game, the winning of multi-seats. Imran Khan outstandingly performed in all the five constituencies he contested. However, there was a sad reality as well. As per the constitution of Pakistan, he had to vacate the four seats. Another candidate of PTI, Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Khan also won from two constituencies, and he, too, had to vacate one seat. Overall, 5 seats were obvious to get vacant, and by simple math, PTI, at that time, would have only 110 general seats.
Courtesy: Dunya News
That’s when the magic of Jahangir Tareen started – pun intended.

Independent’s Merger – Who can forget the private Jet of Jahangir Tareen?

The independents started joining PTI, but it is was still unconfirmed at that time whether all will join or not? Furthermore, analysts claimed that PTI should not be so assured of the votes of independents in parliament in favor of Imran Khan, because politics is a dirty game. One cannot ignore the strong influence of PPP in negotiations. Their leadership is undoubtedly good, and analysts claimed that they are better at convincing the people and can turn the game. Mr. Bilawal Bhutto, chairman of PPP, has already declared to give “stiff opposition” in parliament, one can understand what that means.

Inclusion of other Parties Favored PTI

MQM-P, GDA, and PML-Q, and AML started to merge in the part, attained 22 more seats. However, still at that time, the number game was complex, because the total seats equated to 132. Adding the reserved seats, the number game was still intricate, because still it was not confirmed whether all independents will join, or no one will deceive.

Opposition. Does it matter?

However, so far PPP won third standing in lower house of Parliament, a total of 43 seats but in constituencies, where recounting was happening, the decisions was favoring PPP to gain some more seats. As a result, PTI seemed to lose some seats, which at that time, was a major obstacle to cover again. PMLN is also in this game who has the second majority in General Assembly, which is obviously against Imran Khan. They were (and are) also working with other parties to stop Khan’s way to PM house. Hence, two major parties along with ANP are not welcoming to Khan at all.

Speaker and Deputy Speaker Elections

Since the polling in such elections is done via secret poll. It turned out that no one deceived Imran Khan this time. Syasi Pandits were surely wrong. However, on the contrary, 4 people from opposition even voted for Imran Khan. No one knows who they were, but anyway, PTI won both seats.

Imran Khan Elected as Prime Minister

Imran Khan won the poll and became the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. Opposition is still crying foul, and Imran is celebrating! PPP has clearly provided a leverage to Imran Khan, and eased his way to become the Prime Minister. It is a subtle reality. Imran Khan is the Prime Minister and that’s the reality. It doesn’t matter if you are not happy, but that’s is what it is. A nation has chosen its leader; the nation has voted him to be the Prime Minister. The struggle was hard and the journey was long. Persistence, honesty and determination served as the basis for this struggle. The result of this struggle is evident and he will take oath as 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan tomorrow. Let’s see him taking oath tomorrow and enjoy the smile on his face right now!