Here Is How International Media Reported Imran Khan’s Response To Trump!

how international media reported Imran Trump feud and Imran Khan reply to Donald Trump
Courtesy: Dawn

As we all know, Donald Trump is arguably one of the most hated President of the United States. He is known for his Twitter feud with the heads of other countries, celebrities, departments of his own country, and media! Why are we discussing him because recently he gave a statement against Pakistan degrading our effort in the war against terrorism and Prime Minister Imran Khan didn’t appreciate it. Imran Khan replied to Donald Trump via a source Trump is addicted to. Twitter! He is being applauded for his effort to deal with the fake information of Trump and international media is gloating. Imran Khan’s response to Trump is the beginning of a new war of words. International media reported Imran Trump feud and highlighted the stance of Pakistan against baseless allegations.

Here is What Trump Tweeted!

Now, Check The Response Of Imran Khan!

We are pretty much sure that Trump felt that burn. It was an accurate and prompt response to the tirade or as everyone calls it “Tantrums of Trump”.  Imran Khan reply to Donald Trump was accurate and enlightening! It was much-needed as Pakistan rarely present a counter-argument to the US. International media reported Imran Trump feud and they are having the times of their life! You can literally see the headlines of international with the highlights of “Imran Khan’s Response To Trump

Here are some of the headlines!

1. TRT World

2. WikiLeaks

3. DNA

4. Yahoo News

5. The Gulf Today

6. Reuters Afghanistan & Pakistan

7. Irish Examiner

8. Hindustan Times

The well-deserved reply to the irrational and baseless allegation is the accurate response of Pakistan’s Prime Minister to the President United States. In this era of digital technology, the wars are being fought on Twitter right in front of millions of people and Donald Trump always manages to embarrass himself. To win this digital fight, it is crucial to get your facts straight!