Imran Khan Compared To Donald Trump By Trevor Noah & Pakistani Netizens Are Not Happy!!

Trevor Noah compared Imran Khan with Donald Trump
Courtesy: Republic TV
Renowned comedian Trevor Noah cracked a joke pointing out the similarities between Trump and Imran Khan. This caused a massive uproar amongst the Pakistani social media users and Trevor faced massive backlash. The concept of comedy and the term satire is really difficult to understand for some people and this incident is a glaring example of this fact! Rather than focusing on the fun-side of this story, there was bashing.. tons of bashing actually! People of Pakistan were done celebrating Independence Day so there was pinch of patriotism left and theor reaction was extreme!
Trevor Noah compare Imran Khan with Donald Trump
The Daily Show’s host, did a small segment in his latest show titled ‘Meet The Pakistani Donald Trump’, in which he compared the two leaders and drew a conclusion that Imran Khan is somewhat a ‘Brown Trump’. What seemed like hilarious parallels at first, took a dark turn as the jokes on religion and race were not well received by the audience.
Trevor Noah compare Imran Khan with Donald Trump
Courtesy: Gulf News
He joked about the Pakistani trump tower and mentioned when Donald was doing Pizza Hut ads, Khan was in ads for Pepsi, after that, things went downhill as scared topics like religion, personal life and race became the butt of jokes. Trevor joked about ‘Trump had three marriages in the tabloids, so did Khan; Trump thinks Islam is bad, Khan lives in Islam-a-bad’. Imran Khan supporters jumped in to defend their leader while those who are not big fans of Imran Khan, had fits of laughter. Here is what people all over the globe have to say about that not-so-funny piece:

The professional observation!

At least he is positive that comparing Trump & Imran will highlight Pakistan!

Man got no chill!

Well, He got a point!

Another one!

She tried to knock some sense into him!

We agree!

Word of wisdom

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