Khan and Sethi – What Went Wrong & Why It’s Not Right For Cricket?

Najam Sethi is the Editor of The Friday Times

Imran Khan is surely a player, a cricketer, and a politician – successful in all domains. However, does that satisfy the verdict to turn a blind eye on all decision based on an emotional appeal that “he is doing good for people”, and we, as citizens, are not allowed to criticize? Then, I would like to question the difference between aristocracy and democracy. I would choose the latter; you decide. Yes I am talking about Imran Khan and Najam Sethi clashes!

Risking it!

Today, my article might not suit the taste of many, and might not connect my analysis with the emotional appeal and nationalist approach. However, I would surely take the risk. It is not because I am a blind admirer of Najam Sethi, nor I agree that whatever he did was perfect. It is because he was defamed based on baseless accusations, allegations, and you name it.

Najam Sethi And His Fame!

Many people remember him when he became the CM of Punjab or made it to the Chairmanship of PCB. I would like to remind you of his journalistic contribution, that actually made him successful, and we the people who are immersed in the spicy news were not able to acquaint with that. Perhaps, we are not up-to-date with the newspapers, the struggle of journalism in dictator’s era, and the repercussion that journalists faced in the quest to reach freedom. Winning the several international awards like Golden Pen, he also had an honor to grab Hilal-e-Imtiaz (the highest civilian award) for his contributions towards journalism. He founded The Friday Times, which faced serious consequences only to make it through to achieve freedom – the price for the struggle he kept paying.

Najam Sethi is the Editor of The Friday Times. His politics and policies clashed with Imran Khan!
Courtesy: The Friday Times – Twitter

You must be thinking if it is that glorifying, why he became the target for critics?

It was “30 punctures” issue. Once again, most people have no or little knowledge about it. It came to an existence, after the chairman of PTI, Naeem-ul-Haq, tweeted that Najam Sethi was the person who fixed the constituencies – that were alleged by PTI for rigging. PTI, including Imran Khan had a strong opinion that due to such a favor to the opposite members, Najam had been awarded the PCB Chief position. That issue was not just made up, Naeem confessed that he had received the tape from the western ambassador, which confirmed this news. However, when that ambassador was asked, he denied any circulation of that tape to anyone, including the PTI members.

News Vanished!!

After that, Pakistan faced a continuum of terrorist attacks, and obviously, who would think of such issues when the country was experiencing the dangerous situation. And, broadcast media couldn’t go for other things, when there were people taking the last breaths were crying out to them, as well as nation desperately wanted to see if everything is alright. Condemning such attacks, it is true that such news demised as we have other important issues to deal with – may the souls suffered in those attacks rest in peace.

It not only demised in broadcast media, but shockingly, the people of PTI when were asked on media about that, they were even not aware of the allegations that were imposed on Sethi. Ironic, isn’t it?

What Sethi did cannot be denied.

However, when Najam Sethi held the important position, the institution of Cricket was already stumbling. He made several achievements; for instance, bringing in confidence the Board of Governors, as well as implementation of the system of elections to appoint the Chief position. Later, he was elected in 2017 again for the same position. Does that sound obscure, if so then let me question on the re-elected party of KPK. Either the praise of accomplishment for all or for none.

It shouldn’t be a question that Najem Sethi did well or not, because player like Sarfaraz and merit-based system in cricket speaks volume of his accomplishments and the betterment he infused into the institution and catered it.

Hope, Disappointment, and Hope!

I was (and still am) very much admired of the decision by Imran Khan that chief should be appointed by the institution. However, ignoring the fact that system is already there. First, Imran Khan “appointed” him, and later “nominated” him. Does the meaning of the two words not contrasting? I will leave that to you.

I solemnly believe that derogating any personal with personal attacks and accusations is wrong. Had he not made significant achievements, Ehsan Mani would not have applauded him for his achievements. I would leave you with a simple preposition – let the-cricket-be, even if the influence is from the Imran Khan as he is a former cricketer. As a PM, now people should praise for what he achieved in cricket – that’s past and we have to facilitate present to secure the future.

Ehsan Mani is surely a competitive candidate but Najam Sethi was not a wrong choice either. Now, that Imran Khan has said, ‘nominated”. I hope this statement persists, and hope for the betterment of the cricket.

Thank you Najam Sethi for your services. Period.