Huawei P30 Series- New Range Of Incredible Phones!

Huawei P30 series
Courtesy: Huawei

Huawei always brings a new vision of thinking for its costumes and users. After the successful business by Huawei P10 and P20 series now Huawei is going to launch a new series of mobile phone call Huawei P30 series. Surely this mobile will be equipped with more than good and stunning features as compared to other P10 and P20 series.

To make it one of the successful series, it has already done with enough homework by enriching the print and electronic media with its advertisement.

Let’s have a glance at P30 series of Huawei features

Huawei brings revolution all together in smartphone technology. The P30 series contains front camera 32 Megapixel and here the camera features are no ended. The front camera also carries 50x zoom and 10x zoom hybrid zoom which adds more beauty in the photo to enhance picture details while capturing the photos and also decreases the effects which often came or faced due to zoom image.

Huawei P30 series setting up a high standard by achieving 112 in DxOMark’s Photo category.

Huawei P30 series is going to be launched in three smartphone versions which are

  • Huawei P 30
  • Huawei p 30 Pro
  • Huawei P 30 Lite

Huawei P 30

As mentioned earlier Huawei P 30 series primarily focused on providing awesome and incredible mobile phone to its users so keeping this thing in mind 40 MP high-quality camera and 16MP ultra wide angle lens and 8MP telephoto lens. The 32MP excellent quality front camera will capture beautiful selfies. You will not imagine about Huawei P 30 which have 8GB of Ram with 256Gb of internal memory, so the user has the freedom to store data beyond thinking.

Huawei P30 series
Courtesy: Huawei

This smartphone can be booked in just PKR 124,999 and buyer can able to win a charging plate.

Huawei P 30 Lite

Little bit different specification from hauwei P 30. The front camera is 32MP and back camera is 24MP+ 8MP + 2MP camera. Face recognition and image segmentation are support front camera.

As far as hardware is concerned it is supported with 7100 Octa chipset for multitasking and gaming. P30 lite has 3340 mAh battery to keep the phone light throughout all the activities.

This will be available in PKR 47,999 and with selfie stick offer.

Huawei P 30 Pro

This smartphone is going to be king of all P30 series smartphone version. It carries stunning features as compare to both Huawei P 30 lite and P30.

P30 Pro carries a Leica Quard camera system which enhances the ability of zooming without affecting at image quality. It has a 40MP super camera and 20MP ultra-wide camera. Many times in the dark, many mobile cameras are not able to capture picture well so that thing is eliminated by ISO 409,600 which keeps the picture in good quality even in dark.

Huawei P30 Pro is a pioneer mobile phone which is supported with first 7nm chipset and processor of kirin 980. Even the chipset is quite thin but has a strong performance with the least power use. 8Gb of Ram and 256Gb of internal memory is enough to attract all multitasked users to itself.

It will be available in PKR 174,999 and buyer can win Huawei GT watch.

  • Colors Offer

The P30 series is sure will create a gap and give tough time to all its competitions in the market. P30 lite will launch in Aurora and black colors while P30 and P30 Pro Breathing Crystal and Aurora colors.