Huawei Nova 4 Will Kill The Notch With A ‘Hole Punch’ Selfie Camera!

Huawei's Nova 4 Will Kill The Notch With A Hole Punch Selfie Camera
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When it comes to mid-range smartphones, Huawei has been a big favorite for the entire year. Huawei Nova 4 is yet another addition to the successful Nova series. You might be wondering about its specifications, but that’s not getting the headlines. Instead, the camera design of Huawei Nova 4 is getting the real attention. ‘Hole punch’ is what we’re calling its selfie camera. Stick with us as we will tell you all about this phone as well as the curious case of “infinity-o”.

Design Rumors

This entire charade started with the complaints about the notch design of Google pixel 3. Users began complaining when the release date and design were revealed. It only got worse as the Smartphone lovers were not happy by design due to the notch. Since there were mixed views, we didn’t expect much change. However, to everyone’s surprise, Samsung announced that upcoming A8s and S10 would not have notch design. The new screen hole design for the front camera is what they are calling “Infinity-O”.

Huawei Nova Series Is A Success

Huawei soon followed this with the announcement of Huawei nova 4, the latest addition to Nova family. It also features a design like infinity-o. The difference though is that Huawei nova 4 camera is on the upper left corner and S-10 has it at the top right corner. Previous Smartphones of both companies had notch designs, but it seems like they’ve abandoned it. Huawei has gained much experience in the past, so this Smartphone has raised some expectations. Huawei fans were eager to know the details when the leaks of Nova 4 came in. Not much explanation was given, but Huawei confirmed that it would have the hole punch design. Consumers should note that although notch is gone, the bezel isn’t. Although it would have much thin bezel compared to other top smartphones.

Hole Punch Selfie Camera, Huawei Nova 4 Will Kill The Notch With A Hole Punch Selfie Camera
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Fantastic Specifications

Huawei has kept the specifications in the dark until the release date that is 17th December. Rumors suggest that it features the octa-core processor with 6.4″ display and has a 4000 mAh battery. It also has three rear cameras combo with 16MP + 24MP + 16MP, Mali MP10 GPU and storage space of 128 GB. Android 8.1 (Oreo) and 6 GB Ram with octa-core processor are good enough if the price range is less than 500$.

Nova 4 And Its Competitors

Now let’s talk about the competition that Nova 4 has to counter. Its rivalry with Samsung will continue as A8s is to be launched next week. The price estimate of Nova four is estimated to be less than mighty 500$ mark at which it beats A8s. It is rumored that Samsung might remove the headphone jack which could serve Huawei. Samsung has the edge as its near-flagship A8s will launch few days before nova 4.

Huawei has probably put much thought before this dramatic change in Huawei nova 4. After so much resistance for the notch design, the chances of hole punch design’s success are looking good. This design’s success could result in the bezel-less smartphones shortly. This time Huawei isn’t facing any fierce competition as well, so this is their chance to sweep the market. Samsung’s infinity-o design is the same thing offered at a lower rate by Huawei so they can surpass A8s in theory. All in all, it is the best thing Huawei has provided for a long time.