How To Use Your Phone To Video Chat With Your Loved Ones?

How to video call from phone, video chat from phone
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These days, many of us are away from our homes and our families for various reasons. Some of us are away for work and some for us are studying. Similarly, some are within Pakistan while many of us aren’t even in the country. The need to stay connected when you are far from home can be overpowering at times and with the leaps and bounds that technology has taken, you can easily video chat from phone. Gone are the days when you had to be sitting in front of a laptop to talk to your family. Now you can just video call from phone and for those of you who are a little confused about how to video call, find all the details below and know which options are available.


Let’s begin by talking about the app which started it all. I’m sure most of us can remember when it was launched and how fascinating most of us found it.

How to video call from phone, video chat from phone
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Back then, we used it on our computers or laptops but now you can easily download the app and use it to video chat from phone. When it comes to how to video call with the app, you just need to have a Microsoft account and you can get started.

Along with being able to video call from phone, you can use the app to send messages and can also make it your default app for messages and phone calls to mobiles and landlines. However, it is normally used to make free Skype-to-Skype calls.


I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet who has a smartphone but doesn’t have this app.

How to video call from phone, video chat from phone
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Already being used by most as the principal mode of sending messages, pictures and videos, a feature which the company introduced not so long ago, allowing users to video chat from phone has also become a huge success.

The fact that it is already downloaded in everyone’s phones makes it the best option, in my opinion, to video call from phone. Again, if you ask how to video call with WhatsApp, it is extremely basic and all you must do is click on the small video camera sign, next to the contact’s name.

Another reason why it is a good option when you need to video chat from phone, is because the app uses the least mobile data, thus proving to be cost-effective as well.

One more reason why you should use WhatsApp to make a video call from phone, is there new Group chat feature, allowing you to talk to multiple people at once:


Though this app is losing popularity amongst the youth with Instagram taking over, the majority still have active accounts on this social network.

How to video call from phone, video chat from phone
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When it comes to how to video call using Facebook you need to download Messenger first if you’re using it on your phone. Once you’ve done that, again the process is extremely simple, and you can reach those who are living away from you through a video call from phone.


This method of making a video call from phone has also become extremely popular. However, there is a catch when it comes to this mode as this can only be used by Apple device owners, so that can prove to be a hindrance naturally.

How to video call from phone, video chat from phone
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However, for those who do have Apple devices, this app is already built in and so an excellent choice for you when you want to video chat from phone, with your friends, family or even for professional purposes.

Well, this news should make you download these apps and use them to video chat from phone, if nothing else will:

Now that you know how to video call, make use of this modern era utility as it is one which is extremely beneficial.