How To Quit Smoking In 2 Week?

Quit smoking
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Did you know that smoking was also banned by one of the most renowned and despised leader? Pst! Hitler. I didn’t know about that either! He actually ran an anti-tobacco campaign and demand his followers to quit smoking. Enough about Hitler, let us cut to the chase. Smoking is one of the most critical issues worldwide as well as in Pakistan. It is also one of the most common cause if indoor pollution. It is also known to be the leading cause of a preventable death and World Health Organisation suggests that there are around 5 million deaths every year because of smoking. The prevalence of smoking is also quite high and it is found significantly higher among men.

Quit smoking

Pakistan is also among the 15 countries that have high burden of tobacco-related illnesses. The statistics are high and very disturbing too. Some people say that they find it difficult to quit smoking which is actually not the case. There are many ways that one can choose to deal with the problem and one of the smoking plan that you can follow is START that is as follows:

  • S= Set a quit date
  • T= Tell your peers and relatives that have quit smoking or you are trying to quit it
  • A= Anticipate or plan for the issues that may come out to the front
  • R= Remove smoking related products from your house
  • T= Talk to someone and get some helps

The above mentioned plan will help you a lot however, your own motivation is vital in the whole process. There are some tips that would also assist you with the STAT plan.

Quit smoking
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Tips To Quit Smoking

  • Finding an alternate way to deal with the withdrawals

Having withdrawals symptoms in smoking is critical which includes headaches, lack of motivation, disturbed mood patterns and so on. Therefore, one has to have an alternate nicotine-related product such as chewing gums or nicotine strips.

Quit smoking

  • Vape

Vape is also found to be one of the best alternatives to smoking and it is known to have vapors instead of the smoke that actually affects the lungs.

Quit smoking
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  • Nicotine replacement therapy

Even though it is not that common to have this therapy in Pakistan however, one can always look for options.

  • Avoid the triggers

There could be social factors such as friends, emotional problems or other linked factors that force you to smoke. You need to try your best to avoid those triggering elements.

Quit smoking

  • First few days are the toughest!

We don’t want to burst the bubble but the first few days are definitely going to be the hardest and you may also experience cravings besides withdrawals.

  • Stay consistent

The key to quit smoking is to stay focused as well as consistent at the same time.

All of these methods are going to work as long as you are true to it. It will surely assist you to quit smoking and all you gotta do is focus on the benefits besides the long term effects that will come along the process. Let us know about your challenges and experiences.