How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

Making driving license in Pakistan could be very easy and hectic at the same time because it all depends on the driver who wishes to get the permit. But the question is, how to make driving license in Pakistan? The steps that are required are very simple and this article will guide your way through the whole process that needs to be followed along with the tips that could be quite useful.

In Pakistan, most of the people don’t possess the legal permit, a driving license, to drive the vehicle on the road. People don’t even bother to get the driving license and authorities never severely crack down on people who use cars without driving license. This negligence by both the parties has caused serious traffic problems, sometimes resulting in a fatal crash leading to severe injuries and even deaths.

People don’t go to driving schools to properly learn how to drive on the roads and after that get a driving license from the authorities by passing the official driving test. In 2015-16, a total of 9100 traffic accidents occurred in Pakistan, and 4448 people were killed in these tragic accidents.

A driving license basically tells the competence of the driver i.e. his/her driving skills and the vehicle he/she are allowed to drive. It is to be noted here that one reason people don’t opt for driving license is lack of information regarding how one can get a license.

Step 1

The documents that you will need include CNIC (both original and copies), Rs.60 ticket from any post office and 2-3 passport size pictures. Once you have these, you will enter the licensing center and get a token. Then wait for your turn to come on different counters. It is pretty straight forward though, but it surely involves a lot of waiting. Upon getting registered in one of the counters, the officer asks for cash (around Rs. 200 to 300) and sends the candidate to the next counter.

How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

Step 2

One pro tip is to get preliminary knowledge about the traffic rules and traffic signs before applying which are also taught in the orientation class as well. Hence, it is important to closely listen to the instructions and information being conveyed in the class because these are the questions asked during the assessment to make driving license in Pakistan.

How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

Step 3

The next step is to go to the counter where there is an eye specialist who examines the eye sight of the candidate and writes it down on the application form. Once this is done, it then leads to the final driving test. If you are lucky, you may get the same date for the test otherwise they give a test date.

Step 4

In order to make driving license in Pakistan, the driving test comprises of two parts. In the first part, the questions are asked related to traffic rules along with the traffic signs. Upon clearing it, the candidate is asked to bring in the car to the vicinity and drive on the provided track. The car is moved in the forward direction first and then in the reverse on the same track which could be tricky because most of the candidates fail the reverse test and are asked to repeat the test after sometime.

How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

Step 5

Once every step is cleared, the candidate is given a date to get the driving license and is free to drive the car. This is how you make a driving license in Pakistan.

How To Get Driving License In Pakistan?

Few Useful Tips

Following are some of the tips that you need to consider to make a driving license in Pakistan:

  • Take your own car with you
  • Take extra cash, CNIC and passport size pictures
  • Don’t be nervous about the test
  • It is best to bring a small car which makes it easier to do the reverse test.
  • Apply right after the national holidays where there is less rush and it is a lot easier to get through the whole process

There Is Good News!

A new feature introduced by the Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS) with the help of Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB), is enabling citizens to apply for driving licenses online with less trouble. The online facility can be accessed by citizens in 36 Districts of Pakistan, some of them being Sialkot, Pakpattan, Vehari, Chakwal, and Attock. The process for applying for a driver’s license is simple; all you need to do is just log in to Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) website download the license form from the download section, fill it and submit the required documents to the nearest licensing center.

It would be worth mentioning here that one can also track the status and delivery time of the license from the DLIMS. It is an online license verification and tracking system introduced by the Government of Punjab.