How The World Is Welcoming Prime Minister Imran Khan!

The day of Tabdeedi is finally here and we can’t be more excited. The day started with the highlights of oath ceremony focusing on the guest list, menu, and venue of the event. Arrival of Navjot Singh Sidhu was the cherry on top and Imran Khan became Prime Minister Imran Khan! International media highlighted this news and we are so excited about it. Here is the collection for you guys to enjoy!

How International Media Broke the News

The oath ceremony of Prime Minister Imran Khan was the focus of international media too. After a long time, we were able to say “My Prime Minister is NOT corrupt“. The positive reporting of an amazing news was a refreshing change as Pakistan’s name is rarely used in positive light by international media.

The Independent

Sky News Breaking

People’s Daily, China

Times of India

Al Jazeera

BBC Breaking News

The Associated Press

International Figures are also Welcoming Prime Minister Imran Khan

Several international figures congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan. German ambassador Martin Kobler met with newly elected PM and wished him luck. Theresa May congratulated Imran Khan via phone. Jeremy McLallen congratulated Imran Khan and make fun of the opposition. He joked that if anything goes wrong now, Imran should be ready to get blamed.

Martin Kobler – German Ambassador to Pakistan

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Theresa May – British Prime Minister

Jeremy McLellan – Comedian

H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo – President of Federal Republic of Somalia

Jim Yong Kim – President World Bank Group

A glimpse of today.. because we can’t get enough of these images

Official Twitter account of PTI posted this picture of newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan
Courtesy: PTI Official
Imran Khan got a warm welcome by international figures. Hopefully it will be a great start to effective foreign policy and improving the bond with other countries!