Government Has Announced To Provide Food And Shelter To The Homeless!

homeless people in Pakistan, food and shelter for homeless
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According to the UNDP report, 4 out of 10 Pakistanis live in poverty! This indeed is a very sad and a miserable news because the number of homeless people in Pakistan is continuously increasing as nothing have been done to control the housing problem in the past. The issue is so widespread that it becomes a norm to see beggars out there on the roads asking for food and money so that they can fulfill their basic needs. Imagine begging for food or shelter or other necessities of life due to the failure of the government policies! The government has taken an initiative to provide food and shelter for the homeless igniting a hope that things will get better soon (hopefully)!

keyword: homeless people in Pakistan, food and shelter for homeless
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The Statistical Data Of Homeless People In Pakistan

The condition of homeless people in Pakistan is reported by the UN on yearly basis. It is estimated by the United Nations (UN) that there are around 20 million homeless people in Pakistan. The highest rate of poverty and homelessness is in FATA and Baluchistan. Moreover, the stats and figures could be observed in the following table:

Province-wise Poverty Statistics In Pakistan (%)
Fata 73%
Baluchistan 71%
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 49%
Gilgit-Baltistan and Sindh 43%
Punjab 31%
Azad Jammu and Kashmir 25%

Hence, the statistics suggest that the issue of homelessness people in Pakistan is very serious because the numbers are constantly growing and no serious action has been taken to resolve this issue. The problem is further augmented because of the low income and other economic problems that prevail within the country.

For a case in point, the socioeconomic status and statistics in Pakistan indicate that there is a small class of people that belong to the rich or the upper middle-class category. The remaining mainstream and majority of the people are either desperately poor or fall in the lower middle-class.

Prime Minister Pakistan Aims To Eradicate The Issue!

The stats accurately reflect the severity of the issue and the strategies have been initiated by the PM Imran Khan to cater to the basic needs of the homeless people in Pakistan. He has promised to provide food and shelter for homeless in order to facilitate the poor and needy people that are helpless and have no other choice other than to sleep on the streets.

homeless people in Pakistan, food and shelter for homeless
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The focus of the project is to provide people with two meals in a day as well as a proper shelter. The pilot project is prospected to be launched in Lahore that will be used as a benchmark and spread to the other parts of the country in order to deal with the issues of homeless people in Pakistan. Not only is the PM focused on executing this project to provide food and shelter to homeless but he is also aiming to initiate housing projects for the homeless and empower people in numerous field areas so that they can look after themselves. The farmers, for instance, will be equipped with the newest farming technology and these strategies will bring out Pakistan and the people from this dire situation.

The initiatives projected by the Prime Minister of Pakistan is a step ahead in the improvement of the society and the attainment of the goal of improving the lives of the neglected population of Pakistan.