Hamza Ali Abbasi Showed Us That Less Is More

A few days before there were several rumors about a well known Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi that he is going to marry an actress Naimal Khawar Khan on 25th of August. All the social media platforms were completely flooded with several posts and pictures of invitation card with the names of these both beautiful actors. People were so excited about the wedding of a well know actor, besides these rumors.

As these rumors spread so widely and rapidly, Hamza Ali Abbasi himself announced his wedding with Naimal Khawar. According to sources, we get to know that the valima reception of these beautiful mates will be on 26th of August, Monday. 

Hamza Ali
Courtesy: Dawn

Animal Khawar is a graduate of National College of Arts and got famous by her competent role in a drama serial named as ‘Anaa’. She is also a painter professionally. The beginning of Naimal’s career as actor was with a debut in Shoaib Mansoor directorial ‘Verna’, which was in the year 2017.

Simultaneously, Hamza Ali Abbasi is also a well known TV and film actor. He has a quite big number of acclaimed roles. There are several famous movies and TV serials got famed with his name, for instance; Parwaaz Hai Junoon, Waar, Jawani Phir Nhi Ani, Mann Mayal, and Piyaare Afzal. 

The way Hamza Ali Abbasi confirmed the rumors were announcing it on twitter along with the image of couple on boat. 

People were continuously forcing both of them to publicize their couple story, but both of them clearly told people that, there was nothing special kind of couple between them. They were just good friends and a day Hamza Ali Abbasi said her for marry and she accepted his proposal. This is the only story between these beautiful mates. 

While on Hamza’s tweet, he added jokes about his bald as he performed Hajj in the early time of this month. However, he clearly said to reveal this news after 25th of August after the nikah of Niamal and Hamza. But as they rumors were already covered all over internet so he have to clarify it early. 

Both are really happy about their marriage and as it is quite obvious several talk shows invite them to speak about their upcoming occasion. But Hamza Ali Abbasi clearly declined all those invitations with a bunch of thanks.

The wedding was simple yet elegant, the internet is full of cute moments exchanged between the newlyweds. What make this wedding inspiring is the minimal approach. Hamza Ali Abbassi showed us that you don’t need 15 dholkis to celebrate, it can be as easy as you want it to be.. 

I wish both of the bride and groom, a happy and contented life forever!