Hajj 2018 – Pilgrims Converged in Arafat – Blessed Day of the Year

Hajj 2018
Hajj 2018
Hajj is one of the important pillars of Islam and Muslim cherished this life-long dream to make it through. Blessed are those who have been bestowed this opportunity this year. Over 2 million people have gathered in Arafat this time. The aerial view is breathtaking that will urge you not to blink your eyes even for a second. https://twitter.com/pid_gov/status/1031441417808367616

Hajj Rituals

1. Sermon

The people start off towards performing the main rituals in Mina. The sermon is held at Namira Mosque in Arafat, where the pilgrims will listen to the Imam. It is the foremost memorizing moment as it recalls the commitment – bestowed by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him – that Muslims uphold and once again promise to carry it forward in their remaining life.

2. Prayers – Unity of Muslims

The event is followed by the prayers of Duhr and Asr, where all Muslims, regardless of any sectarian association (Shia or Sunni), sit shoulder to shoulder with unmatchable unity. After that, they remain in Arafat, where they are involved in recitations of Qur’anic verses as well as prayers before Almighty for the acceptance of their duty they are going to perform. It continues till sunset.
Hajj 2018
Courtesy: Geo TV
After Sunset, the pilgrims head to perform Maghreb and Isha prayers in Muzalifah. The prayers are held in a combined fashion. Their stay lasts till midnight, and all pilgrims are engaged in continuous Ibaadat without any break.

Changing Ghilaaf-e-Kaaba

While the pilgrims are busy in prayers and rest, the following morning witnesses the changing of Ghilaf-e-Kaaba in the early hours.
Hajj ritual, change of ghilaaf-e-Ka'aba
Courtesy: The Nation
With that, the people head towards Holy Kaaba for Tawaf. The recitations are the commitment towards the God for following his commands and path of “Siraat-e-Mustaqeem”.

Overall Expenses of Changing Ghilaf-e-Kaaba

This practice is the follow-up of the ritual carried out by Hazrat Ismail AS and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The Ghilaf, this time, that covered the Kaaba costed two-hundred thousand Riyal. It was made of pure silk and the verses were embroidered with 1-kilogram silver and 120-kilogram gold. It definitely looked so beautiful and mesmerizing.

What’s Special this Time?

Blissful Weather

The winds, rains, thunder, and lightning were a sure blessing that people witnessed whilst changing the Gillaaf-e-Kaaba. Looking at the video will give you blissful excitement. However, let’s pray the weather does not get worse and people perform this auspicious duty by the mercy of Almighty. I surely believe that it is a just a shower of blessings on the people who are calling out to God repeatedly, and I am sure this is one of the ways of Allah to respond to the millions of “Labaiks”.

Two Brother Met after 7 years

Two brothers came to Hajj who were separated because of the Syrian war. The video that was shared made people so emotional. Miracles happen during Hajj, and this instant is no exception. Imagine their happiness. On this auspicious day, we should pray for the unity of the Muslim world. Eid-ul-Adha is round the corner and the day is the symbolization of sacrificing your naf’s for Islam. Practice cleanliness this Eid so you follow this order of Islam too!