First Glimpse Of Dark Mode For Gmail Android!

First glimpse of Dark mode for Gmail android
Courtesy: Android Central

Google is now adapting itself with the paradigm shift of eye-friendly dark mode applications since the smartphones’ users now prefer to view their content in dark background on their phones. It is an ever-changing adapting digital era where the companies have to revamp their existing smartphone applications in accordance with the users’ requirement and usability. Keeping in view these changing trends, Google is now all set to introduce a dark theme in its Gmail application in order to complement its system-wide “Dark Mode” that will be integrated with Android Q soon.

The dark mode has not been officially launched for Gmail but the latest apk for Gmail (v2019.06.09) puts on view certain parts of the app being incorporated with Google’s dark background. The latest dark UI displays a mixture of light black and dark grey color scheme with text in white color and icons in blue color tones. This a great news for the Gmail users as the dark grey background is perfect for the users’ eyes as it is better to adjust than with a true black background.

The application is in beta version and the dark theme does not have any toggle button so it switches on and off randomly. This toggling is mainly due to some bug that will be fixed real soon once the official version is rolled out. The beta version of the app is available here, however, team Streetbuzz advises its audience to wait for the official app update.

First glimpse of Dark mode for Gmail android
Courtesy: Lifehacker

Dark Mode in OLED displays

Dark mode is a feature of the OLED display technology that allows to turn off the pixels completely in contrast to the old LCD displays that lacked this ability. The OLED display, first introduced by Samsung, has completely transformed the display technology in smartphones, as this dark mode is extremely beneficial in saving the smartphone’s battery and more smartphone manufacturers have adopted this revolutionary display innovation. The OLED display turns off the pixels in those parts of the screen where the background is black that is why dark mode is preferred over the default white theme.

That is why, Apple and Google have also come up with their system-wide dark modes when toggled, can be automatically applied on all the native applications of the respective operating systems. This dark mode is definitely going to be one of the best options for the users to experience high-quality content on smartphone screens with minimal battery usage.