Ghurbat Mitao Program By PM Imran Khan!

Ghurbat Mitao Program
Courtesy: Dunya News

Poverty is the root of all crimes all over the world. This comes when the government of any country is not full filling the basic needs and demands of their nation and they are living under the average lifeline. In order to fulfill the basic needs, below line living people try for shortcuts and use unauthorized as well as harm full ways, thus crimes increase which is a headache for both government and for that nation. Considering poverty to be a real issue is the focus of Imran Khan and his Ghurbat Mitao Program is the initial step in the right direction!

In Pakistan, every government always talks about to decrease and eliminate of poverty and even they took a vote from common people with the slogan that they will definitely eliminate the poverty at any cost, but after being a part of the government it seems that it was just a promise not more than that.

Imran Khan’s initiatives so far!

Prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan took the vote on the name of change and called that NAYA PAKISTAN. In his vision, he has many reforms ideas for bringing change at all necessary levels in Pakistan, for instance, creating Overseas calling Web Portal for bringing talented Pakistanis back to help Pakistanis government for the betterment of their country and nation, the second initiative is about providing homes to the needy people in different areas of Pakistan and this is third and most big initiative taken by Imran Khan’s government to launch a program called GURBAT MATAO Program, to decrease the poverty across Pakistan eventually it would also decrease the crime rate inside the country and this country will progress in much fast way.

The philosophy of Ghurbat Mitao Program

The ceremony will be held in the capital Islamabad and Ghurbat Mitao Program will be functional across the whole country.

Initially, 120 billion rupees are specified to run this program and it is approved by the chairperson of Benazir Income support program.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan paying full concentration for makes it one of a successful program. He added that the expertise of China would be kept in mind to make it result in an oriented program.

“We will mobilize all resources to alleviate poverty,” PM said.

Many ongoing welfare projects, for instance, Baitul Maal, Usher, Zakat and Benazir Income Support will also merge in it so that government runs Gurbat Mitao program much effectively

Most the financial aid will be given to elderly persons, transgender, orphaned and widows

It is a big step so far from any government in the history of Pakistan to eliminate poverty in Pakistan and looked and thinks about the common people. If Gurbat Mitao program is able to achieve its target than Imran Khan will be more popular and praised by the whole world for his competence and honest work for his nation and country.